A Chicago Reader Objects To Mormon Solidarity With Muslim Immigration, Proposes Fighting Back
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Re: Another Treason Church? A Sympathizer Says That, Despite Evan McMullin There’s Hope For The Mormons

From: Jack Ryan [Email him]

Tom Tancredo (the best ever immigration patriot) and Breitbart News have identified Latter Day Saint Mormon voters and LDS political leaders as being terrible on immigration, opposing Donald Trump and  re-electing immigration traitors like John McCain. [Will the Mormon Church’s Support for Muslim Immigration Block Trump’s Victory?, August 20, 2015

Governor Herbert of Utah, an LDS Mormon, is one of the worst immigration traitors. Herbert insists we must not restrict radical Islamic immigration because Muslims are like Mormons—victims of American bigotry and religious persecution.  Gov. Herbert notes that a Governor of Missouri once issued an extermination order against the LDS Mormons to leave Missouri  saying, “I am the governor of a state that was settled by religious exiles who withstood persecution after persecution, including an extermination order from another state’s governor. In Utah, the First Amendment still matters. That will not change so long as I remain governor.”

Thus Governor Herbert welcomes mass Islamic immigration in the name of the 1st Amendment and American religious freedom

Let's all be honest about our own British/American history:

Yes, our people have persecuted other "Christian" sects. Our people kicked the Puritans out of Merrie Old England for being...well, no fun, uptight extremists—pretty much the same as the current up tight, no fun feminists, politically correct SJWs etc. Yep, I support persecuting any sect that won't let me have a beer or let me dance with a pretty girl. Islamists, fundamentalist Christians,  and feminists are all against partner dancing.

Yes, our people once persecuted LDS Mormons for doing things like polygamy and just being weird, cult like—maybe Missouri Governor Boggs went a bit too far when he issued an “extermination order” against the LDS Mormons, but given that there was in the nineteenth century

You can’t blame the Governor for worrying about Mormon immigration to Missouri.

It’s always good to let folks know who's in charge. (After the Mormons had fought a pitched battle with State troops, what the Governor said was that the Mormon gunmen must be “"exterminated, or driven from the state". They mostly took the hint and left. No one was exterminated.)

OK, now we the sane patriotic immigration community have to do the same: let everyone know who is in charge, who's running the show and support Donald Trump. Immigration traitors like the worst LDS Mormons must be forced to, yes...


Anybody that supports or enables mass Islamic immigration to the USA, the west is a traitor—it's not up for debate. We need to persecute traitors.

We obviously aren’t going to do this by killing them, “exterminating” them or burning their farms. Few LDS Mormons even have farms these days.

I suggest doing what the Left does—learn to "dox". Publicize the personal information of open immigration traitors, work to get them to lose their jobs, incite their children and their neighbors against them. Almost all these LDS Mormon immigration traitors are just "going with the flow", they are pussyfooters, looking to be liked as "Goodwhites".

We must expose them as being Bad people, supporters/enablers of rapists/terrorists/gang members. That is reality.

Does that sound harsh? It is, but it’s the strategy the Cultural Marxists keep using against us. See Jared Taylor: The SPLC Wants To Starve My Family (Among Others).

So come on folks, if our ancestors could effectively persecute bad sects, so can we.

And always remember to have some fun out there. Have a beer, ask a pretty girl to dance and just.... enjoy life.


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