A Hungarian-American Reader Cheers America's Ethnic Core
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Re: Peter Brimelow's article Trump’s Immigration Patriotism, His High-Concept Campaign, Pascal’s Wager: Peter Brimelow Talks To Alan Colmes

From: A Hungarian-American Reader [Email him]

I just finished reading the interview Mr. Brimelow had with Alan Colmes.

I find it astounding how many European-Americans have the view that the United States has little or no right to control its borders, deport those who are here illegally, or even be selective as to who shall be allowed to immigrate here. Is there no sense of ownership or have we become so diverse that the US has become little more than a place to hang our hats, rather like a room at a motel?

I agree with Mr. Brimelow that America has a core population. That population is primarily English, along with the Scots, Welsh, Germans and Dutch who were here at the founding.

I, for one, am grateful to live in a society that took the best of English laws and traditions and refined them into the nation I was born in. That we are losing Anglo-American culture is not only our loss but a loss to the world.

We have gone from being an example to the world of how great a free society can be to how quickly a society can crumble from within  thanks to traitors and fools.


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