A Cuban-American Reader Thanks VDARE.com For Working To Keep America American
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Re: Hedley Wight's blog post AMERICAN GREATNESS’s Decius To #NeverTrumpers: 2016 Is The Flight 93 Election

From: Jorge From Cuba [Email him]

I would also recommend the outstanding article comparing the current Presidential contest to Flight 93 of 9/11 fame.

As Decius says, no matter what you think about Trump, the election of Hillary would be suicide for the Conservative movement.

I want to thank VDARE for the service you provide. I am a US naturalized citizen who came to this country as a refugee from Cuba in the 1960’s. My experience assimilating to and adopting American norms and virtues appears to be completely different from what happens with immigrants today.

My parents always marveled how things were better in America because of American mores, customs, concept of “fair play”, etc.

They lamented how Cuba’s problems were in large part brought on by Cuban culture and lack of respect for the law and others. They worried that importing too many outsiders would permanently change the nature of this country. Alas, this is what has happened over the past decades in this country. A Trump Presidency may or may not change this course but a Hillary Presidency will surely sink the country. God bless Mr. Brimelow and his staff.


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