A British Reader "Notices" Something About Crime Reports
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog item Labour Shadow Minister from Rotherham Out After Mentioning Who Is Raping Girls In Britain

From: An Actual Briton [Email him]

After the recent furore about certain people noticing certain things about certain other people committing certain acts, it is very refreshing to see that nobody noticed anything about these chaps who are being encouraged to behave themselves.

Muslim community 'absolutely disgusted' by Newcastle grooming gang

Communities fear backlash as far-right seeks to 'exploit exploitation'

By Lizzie Dearden, Independent, August 11,2017

Jeremy Corbyn denies 'silencing' shadow minister who said Pakistani men have been raping young white girls in places like Rochdale

Sarah Champion quit over an article for The Sun in which she said the government must ‘face up to the fact’ that men of Pakistani heritage had been exploiting mainly white girls

By Jennifer Williams, Manchester Evening News, August 17, 2017

And finally this—don't look too closely at the picture, or you too may be caught Noticing:
Birmingham crime gang members banned from city centre under largest injunction ever secured

Telegraph, August 23, 2017

Birmingham gang members (left to right - top to bottom) Lawrence Morgan, Jerome Jones, Jerome Christie, Ushane Jeffers, Kayne Robinson, Ashai Grey, Jacob Brown, Cash Wallace, Ishmail Lee, Isaac Duffus, Baboucarr Huma, Reial Phillips, Naasir Francis, Akeem Ivey-Foster, Ravelle Hutchinson, Tesfa Bernard-Wheeler, Rayani Sutherland and Omarni Bernard-Sewell Credit: PA/West Midlands Police


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