A Canadian Reader Wonders: What Use Are Somalis To The West?
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Re: Islam in Minnesota: Somali Women Workers Refuse to Comply with Safety Requirements

From: A Canadian Reader (Email Him)

I read the ridiculous claims made by Somalis in Minnesota in VDARE.com. It got me to wondering. What possible value, benefit or gain do Somalis bring to America? Or Canada? Or Sweden? Norway? To any country in the world they invite themselves (which in practical terms means a white western country) to? I can't think of one single thing they do that improves things in any country or community they come too. And I thought hard about it.

They may well indeed be the worst immigrant group of all time. Welfare consuming, Khat smoking, Jihad launching, crime-prone and just generally troublesome. They seem to be that 'perfect' match of all the worst aspects of black/African pathology and Islam. They are a total mismatch with western culture. Here in Toronto, a Somali just shot eight people at a food court in the Eaton Centre, the premier shopping area of Canada. One of them was a 13 year old Canadian boy shot in the head.

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James Fulford writes: Our reader is right in general about the lack of added value from Somalian immigration. Somalis are generally admitted as "refugees" which means that it's for their benefit, not ours.  

He is wrong in one particular.

The non-white alleged mass shooter in Toronto's Eaton Centre is not from Somalia (although the murdered victim apparently was). The shooter is from Guyana, in South America. Not that the Canadian media is falling all over itself to tell you that, but Kathy Shaidle points out that the suspect is  " an immigrant from Guyana who served as a “youth worker” on the City payroll despite being a suspected rapist!", and we can confirm the accused's nativity from the Guyanese press: Case of Guyanese in Toronto shooting sparks outrage over house arrest, background checks, By Stabroek editor , Stabroek News, Georgetown, Guyana,  July 8, 2012.


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