An Optimistic Twenty-Something Reader in Illinois Wonders If John Derbyshire’s Fatalism Is Justified
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Re: John Derbyshire On That Census Report: White America—Lost In A Fit Of Absence Of Mind?

From: A Young Reader in Illinois [Email him]

In his recent column, Mr. Derbyshire states: "Well, well, the transformation is done, and it is universally taken for granted that it cannot be reversed."

If I were a betting man, I would also say that it won't be reversed. But "cannot"? It's worth remembering a few things:

(1)    The electorate is still largely white.

(2)    The concentration of minorities in particular states and districts creates a further advantage for white congressional representation.

(3)    A non-trivial portion of the Hispanic demographic is of largely European ethnicity. Despite the strident efforts of the left to invent a "Hispanic" identity, I assume that not all Hispanics have an a priori sense of ethno-racial solidarity with Mexican indigenes.

(4)    It's also fair to say that the white working class increasingly recognizes the Left's desire to elect a new people (cf. Democratic primary results in WV and KY).

(5)    Twenty-somethings like me have grown up in an America that bends over backwards for minorities. I think a lot of us are thus completely disinclined to be cowed by the race/white-guilt card.

(6)    There are some non-whites out there who recognize the benefits of living in a white society. My father is from South Asia, and he recognizes that a majority-minority America would be a different country from the one that attracted him in the 60s, at the beginning of our half-century immigration wave. Given the way that Indians and East Asians are treated as "Dishonorary Whites" in the bizarro-Apartheid affirmative action racket, I think whites can appeal to Asians in an effort to limit growth of the non-Asian minority population.

(7)    The more demographically threatened the white population feels, the more willing it will be to ignore the double standards of Political Correctness and do what minority groups already do: unapologetically advocate its interests as an ethny, and insist that the cultural and institutional patrimony of (white) America be guaranteed through the preservation of a population connected to that patrimony by blood and soil. If the problems of mass immigration can propel an ethnonationalist like Geert Wilders to kingmaker status in liberal Holland, why not here?

In short, all is not lost.

I think a lot depends upon whether Conservatism Inc. realizes how much it has screwed itself by letting this go on for half a century.

I'd like to hope that beneath the they'll-all-assimilate-and-vote-Republican-in-no-time talk, the folks in the House of Representatives, RNC, Romney campaign, etc. know what the score is and what it means for the future of the right.

If they're seriously thinking about how to preserve white America (i.e., their base) without alienating or scaring too many voters, then I think it can be done. But if they don't even think there's a problem, then all is lost.

P.S. Sorry, I went on a bit longer than I thought I would. But it's important to take stock of what we still have going for us!

James Fulford writes: Derbyshire is a natural fatalist, author of the bestselling (!) We Are Doomed, and this article: The Wood Has Been Made Into a Boat—which is well worth reading.

I used to joke about the man who wrote The Power of Negative Thinking, and which only sold about six copies. When asked about it, he said “It’s what I expected.”  Derbyshire’s We Are Doomed, however, sold a considerable number of copies. prefers, in general, to emphasize the optimistic side. But Derbyshire’s fatalism is, I suspect, part of the reason for his utter fearlessness in saying unpleasant truths, and it’s too late to change him.


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