A Reader Wonders Why The Asian Vote For Obama?
November 24, 2012, 02:26 AM
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Re: Steven Sailer’s blog post National Exit Poll: Asians vote 74-25 for Obama

From: A Reader In State College, PA [Email him]

Why would the "model minority" choose so extravagantly Obama over Mitt?  What`s in it for them?  Why isn`t anyone on the REAL right talking about this?

Let`s face it, Obama is ferociously anti-white and traditional America (though there IS no more traditional America). The enormous lop-sided vote for Obama by Asians is just another pile-on of non-whites sticking it to the historic American people—white people.  They see the increasing opportunity to obliterate white “hegemony” and they aren`t going to pass it up. 

See a previous letter from the same reader. And note that we also published Asian "Natural Republicans" Vote 75% Democratic—Any More Bright Ideas? By Steve Sailer on May 22, 2005.