A Reader Wonders Why The Asian Vote For Obama?
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Re: Steven Sailer’s blog post National Exit Poll: Asians vote 74-25 for Obama

From: A Reader In State College, PA [Email him]

Why would the "model minority" choose so extravagantly Obama over Mitt?  What's in it for them?  Why isn't anyone on the REAL right talking about this?

Let's face it, Obama is ferociously anti-white and traditional America (though there IS no more traditional America). The enormous lop-sided vote for Obama by Asians is just another pile-on of non-whites sticking it to the historic American people—white people.  They see the increasing opportunity to obliterate white “hegemony” and they aren't going to pass it up. 

See a previous letter from the same reader. And note that we also published Asian "Natural Republicans" Vote 75% Democratic—Any More Bright Ideas? By Steve Sailer on May 22, 2005.

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