A California Teacher Says: To Improve Education—End Immigration!
March 11, 2010, 04:00 AM
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From: Kristen Kroll: (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer`s Blog: Obama Administration Promises To Make Education Even More Dysfunctional

Another reason the teaching profession is a mess is because many of the new ideas foisted upon it come from bureaucrats who have never been in a classroom!

Sacramento education officials are researchers and statistical analysts—like the kind whose work is referenced in Sailer`s article—who have no idea what it`s like to get 20-30 young students to stay on task.

Or, if these soothsayers have been in a classroom, they certainly haven`t taught in one in, for example, immigrant-dominated school districts like East Los Angeles or Fresno where so-called traditional teaching techniques simply do not work. Our job was easier before California`s immigration invasion.

Finally, the most crucial reason why teaching is a mess is because parents are not held accountable. There needs to a be a public information campaign that tells certain parents that they—not teachers or schools—are their children`s primary teachers and that learning does not begin and end in the classroom.

Parents and children could do each other a favor by speaking in complete sentences in English!

Teaching is challenging enough without a constant influx of poor, undereducated, and often unemployed, non-English speaking parents adding to our work load.

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