An Illinois Reader Wonders Where the Outrage is
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From: Kevin

Re: Don Collins' Column: How the Democrats Let Business Undermine Their Major Supporter—Labor

Collins has written an important piece.

Curiously, many of my friends and co-workers blame the unions as the reason why employers look for low wageworkers. I hear this echoed time and again, despite the fact that Collins stated only 12% or so of Americans hold a union job.

In Illinois, the public seems apathetic to illegal aliens. Even those who agree with me that illegal immigration is a major problem do nothing.

I believe that until immigration affects more people negatively, they'll continue to do nothing. Many seem content to repeat that we are all descendants of immigrants. Maybe they have heard it too often from the other side.

I am baffled and angry about my country's accepting attitude toward illegal immigration.

I work as an electronic technician - just a guy trying to support his family. The government says everything is great but in my area there are no other electronics jobs.

If things are so wonderful, then how come all I see are major layoffs by HP, IBM, etc?

I know why. Corporations have chosen a new workforce overseas much as our own government is electing a new people.

As for the Republicans and the Democrats, this summer I gave up on them and joined the Constitution Party. I am trying to get others to join, too.

It's clear to me that the Republicans and the Democrats are worthless when it comes to representing me as an American.

You can easily argue that both parties work exclusively for special interest groups and major corporations.

Not all may agree with my position that illegal aliens should be deported and that legal immigration should be ended for 10 years. But I can assure you that more people than ever before are looking closely at third parties.

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