A California Reader Says That The Latest Terror Suspect Called A "California Man" Is Something Different
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

 A “California man” arrested for wanting to join the terrorists in Pakistan turns out not to be an Arab, after all—he’s Vietnamese!

OC Terror Suspect Planned To TraveNot an Arabl To Pakistan


SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A California man charged with attempting to join al-Qaida and lying on a U.S. passport application to aid international terrorism was planning to travel to Pakistan before he was arrested, according to a court document.

A federal court order to detain Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen, 24, of Garden Grove states that arresting agents said he was due to travel to Mexico City by bus and then board a flight to Pakistan. [More]

Nguyen, who is also known as Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum, has a lawyer called Yasmin Cader.

Here are some odd statements from the child of Viet Nam war refugees: 

The Facebook descriptions recount traveling across difficult terrain, preparing to "fight against Assad and his minions" and avoiding snipers before arriving at a village in central Syria in December.  Family paints different picture of terrorist suspect, By Adolfo Flores and Anh Do, Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2013

We gave this man's family US citizenship (and decades of welfare too), and this is how he thanks us. Note also we're (our Minority Occupied Government) siding with the same Commie Jihadists as he is in Syria. 

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