A California Teacher Says Immigration-Induced School Crisis Hurts Native-Born Students As Well As Interlopers
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From: Mindy Long (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Dumbing Down California

As a direct result of over-immigration, California school teachers have received a record number of pink slips, nearly 26,000 in 2009, with a similar number probable for 2010.

For decades, California taxpayers have funded social services of all types to legal and illegal immigrants. The most costly is educating their children.

Now California is broke and thousands of teachers are out of work. Finding another job in education is improbable. And where, with California's unemployment rate at 13 percent, would displaced teachers look for jobs?

They may join the welfare rolls, thus adding to the state's $20 billion deficit.

Looking ahead, with fewer teachers and larger classes looming, the chances of any non-English speaking immigrant emerging from public school with a decent education are slim to none.

Sadly, the native- born students suffer along with the interlopers.

Long is an intermediate schoolteacher in the San Diego area. Her previous letter about how to deal with DREAM Act parents and their kids is here.

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