A California Reader Reports That The Protests Against Senate Traitors Are Underway
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06/03/06 - Saturday's Letters: A California Professor Urges Using Environmental Impact Laws To Stop Senate Sellout; etc.

From:  Marcellus Armiger [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe Feels Good About Immigration Bill

Concerned Californians successfully protested Saturday in La Jolla, the wealthy coastal enclave in San Diego County, where our group showed up to let California Senator Diane Feinstein and 50th District Congressional Democratic candidate Francine ("You don't need papers to vote.") Busby know how we feel about their support for another amnesty for illegal aliens.

We stood at the entrance to the driveway of the La Jolla Country Club where Feinstein appeared on behalf of Busby. We waved American flags and held up signs saying, "Amnesty is treason," "No amnesty" and "Feinstein out."

Feinstein and Busby drove right by us and clearly saw our signs. 

I hope she reflected on her shameful vote in the Senate last week. A large number of folks driving into the club gave us the thumbs up sign or waved and smiled. As the event wound down, a lady leaving the club stopped and told us that a number of people at the event registered their opposition to S. 2611 and loudly proclaimed support for Republican candidate Brian Bilbray.

Five San Diego Police Department officers were on the scene. They were extremely cordial and friendly. And two of our group were young college women who drove two hours from San Bernardino County to stand with us.

We are very encouraged by their spirit and sense of patriotism.

Armiger is on the staff of a Southern California college. Read his previous letter about the impact of immigration on the energy crisis here.

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