A California Reader Reports On The GOP Bribe That Ensured Americans Faced TWO Open Borders Candidates
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

The story of Republican Ken Sorensen taking a bribe in the 2012 Iowa Caucus is the corruption plea MSNBC, CBS,ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox want to go away.

Guilty plea in Iowa caucuses bribery


Prosecutors refused to say who paid Kent Sorenson. | AP Photo


DES MOINES, Iowa — A former Iowa lawmaker has pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from his switch of support from one Republican candidate for president to another before the 2012 caucuses, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Former state Sen. Kent Sorenson received thousands of dollars in “under-the-table payments” before switching loyalties from Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), whose state campaign he headed in Iowa, to then-U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), and then lying to federal investigators about the money, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Prosecutors refused to say who paid him. Read more.

The bribe was to push open borders, or immigration non-enforcement, to make sure Americans get a choice of two open border candidates for President and not one open border Socialist versus an actual American willing to defend American borders and US Citizenship in our Presidential elections.

What is the difference between Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul?

Immigration law, enforcing it or not—on most other issues they're probably 1 millimeter apart.

The DOJ won’t investigate either, the plea deal is the extent of both their investigation as well as prosecution. [Kent Sorenson Statement of Facts] It’s like the Bell City Council, forget the guy who made the bribe, or parties (Sheldon Adelson?) who put up the money to pay the bribe, or the conspiracy to push the agenda of those that put up bribe money (make sure no matter what the Republican nominee supports open borders).

Ron Paul has plausible deniability, (I didn't know, they weren't under my control) but not the donors, or their agents like Jesse Benton  (the guy that signed the check) or the people that hatched the conspiracy as well as funded the bribe.

All of those people should be investigated and prosecuted.

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