A Florida Reader Says Immigration Patriot Candidates Should Cite The Jordan Commission
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From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

I have a question.

I understand the Democrat candidates are hopeless on the question of immigration, and most of the GOP has been bought by the Open Border globalists and Cheap Labor Lobby. The few brave candidates who want less immigration are always smeared and marginalized.

My question: why are there no candidates who want less immigration willing to turn the tables on those attacking them?

If GOP candidates are attacked for wanting less immigration, why doesn't the candidate merely note they have the same immigration position as the late great Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, whose Congressional Commission on immigration concluded [PDF] that immigration hurt working Americans and called for less legal immigration?

It would help to remind the attackers that President Clinton applauded all the findings of the Jordan Commission.

Why do no candidates use the Jordan Commission as a reason for calling for a moratorium? Make them name what has changed to nullify the findings of the bipartisan commission.

In addition, candidates can argue they want an immigration moratorium to help reduce global warming and climate change. The rapid growth of the USA is due almost entirely from people coming here from low-carbon-footprint countries to the highest carbon-footprint country in the world. An immigration moratorium would benefit global warming.

I understand the Sierra Club was bribed not to talk about immigration, but was everyone else bribed too?

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