A Reader Comments On The "Implicit Whiteness" Of Law & Order
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An Anonymous Book Lover [Email him]

It occurred to me recently that the complaints of such knuckle-dragging, hate-spewing racists as those who read, say, VDARE.com and American Renaissance,  concerning the preposterous preponderance of white murderers on television shows such as Law & Order, could not be further from the mark; that, in fact, a show such as Law & Order is objectively one of the last bastions of blatant white supremacism remaining in the popular culture.

Do but consider: are not the producers and writers of Law & Order implying, in every single episode (since every single episode has a white murderer), that murders committed by blacks and Latinos, although statistically the vast majority, are too boring, because too common, random, pointless, stupid, and clumsy, to make for interesting television; and that only white people are capable of committing subtle, intricate, and interesting crimes?

After all (they appear to have calculated), how many episodes about pushing old ladies down the stairs for their Social Security checks can one watch? Where’s the mystery? Where’s the Machiavellian scheming and deep policy that needs unravelling?

No, clearly they have decided that only white crime will keep you tuning in every week, because only white people, as a superior race (hey, I would never say that—but they have, in effect, in hundreds of episodes), are intelligent enough to be interesting when they turn bad. This is odious and appalling, and I hope everyone will join me in demanding that the racist producers and writers of Law & Order be forced to apologize for promoting white supremacism merely for the sake of their sordid Nielsen ratings. Also I think the Southern Poverty Law Center should file some lawsuits, since these television people probably have a lot of money.

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