A Reader Has Both A Comment And A Question For Federale Over The Zimmerman Prosecution
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Re: Federale’s blog post Never Trust A Black Cop? Black Detectives Wanted Zimmerman Charged

From: D. K. Main [Email him]

The lead detective in the Trayvon Martin shooting, Chris Serino [VDARE.com note: Who is white] reportedly wanted to charge shooter George Zimmerman—with manslaughter, not with murder!—on the night of the killing. [Trayvon Martin Investigator Wanted Manslaughter Charge, By Matt Gutman,   ABC News, March 27, 2012]

That, however, was before Zimmerman's reenactment of what had occurred, and his passing of a voice-stress analysis (i.e., an alternate version of a so-called "lie detector" machine)—both of which subsequently took place on Monday, February 27, the day after the shooting occurred.

Detective Serino's Sunday night preference, therefore, had been formed without consideration of those two crucial factors—especially the latter, which had contradicted Serino's own intuitive sense that George Zimmerman had not been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, on the night of the killing!

I am puzzled, however, as to why Federale himself is referring to George Zimmerman as if he really were a white man, rather than the quite-swarthy mestizo that he obviously is?

See D. K. Main’s previous letter A Reader Points Out That The “Stand Your Ground” Is Irrelevant—Zimmerman Was Reportedly PINNED To The Ground!

James Fulford writes: It’s normal for police to assume that the fact that you have committed homicide at all is prima facie evidence that you have committed unjustifiable homicide. Serino thought better of it, but black detectives on the force apparently wanted to charge Zimmerman whether he was guilty or not.

As for the question of whiteness, John Derbyshire, one of the whitest men I know, has proposed that for “to a good first approximation”—meaning for political purposes—there are only two races in the United States: blacks, and nonblacks. The fact that blacks may riot if Zimmerman is found not guilty puts him politically in the latter category.

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