A Reader's Sons Tell Her Why Americans Are Being Driven Out Of Construction
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From: Barb V

Hey guys — here is an incident that my oldest son told me the other day.  I'll use initials for their names .. D, E and M.

E was working in one of three garages on a home under construction.  Part of the garage was taken up with paint supplies being stockpiled, leaving an open space for him to do the prep for the doors he would hang in the house.

D & M were inside the house, out of sight.

A Mexican worker [foreman?] came up and told E (nicely]) that he needed to move so they could move their countertops inside the house.  E pointed to the stored paints that they would have to wend through to reach the interior of the house, and pointed to the 3rd section of the garage which had no supplies and a straight shot into the house. He said (nicely) that he would not move.

At that point about five more Mexican workers started to converge on E and the first one said that he had to move or they would make him.

D & M both stopped their work and came into view .... D was carrying a hammer, claw-side out—they aligned themselves strategically near E., obviously more than ready to meet any trouble.  The Mexicans quickly left in their vehicle. 

The contractor appeared shortly and heard the story. The Mexican's foreman came and heard the story. According to my son, they all had a laugh over the incident.

I don't take it as amusing. I have no doubt that if E had been on that job alone, he would have been forced to move or been attacked.  My boys are all between 6ft and 6ft 4inch. Though they were all champion wrestlers in HS and college, their ages range from 50 to 46.  They are in good shape, but would be no match for 5 or more others, wielding "equalizers" such as knives or even a 2x4.

I could be an alarmist here, but don't think so. I think that this event illustrates why fewer Anglo students are entering the construction trades—thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy that Americans don't want to do this kind of work.  This is just one of many stories that my sons relate ... work vandalized, tools stolen, power tools used wi/o permission or in spite of direct refusal, Mexicans spreading out on a jobsite, leaving no place for other workers, non-English-speaking workers causing work delays or unsafe conditions.

Oh, BTW—my sons are highly-skilled custom finish carpenters/cabinet makers. Though they keep employed through the networks of their reputation for excellent and dependable work, their wages are flat over the last decade.  They work mostly on homes that will sell for over $1 million.  My son M started out as a dry-wall hanger 25 years ago. When that field was completely colonized by illegal labor who worked for half as much as the then going wage, he went into the military and then joined his brothers in their niche of the construction trades.

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