An Illinois Reader "Thanks" Ted Kennedy For Bringing Multiculturalism To America
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From: Rob Taylor (e-mail him)

Re: Matthew Richer's Column: After The Wake, A Constituent Reflects On The Real "Kennedy Curse"

As America eulogizes this tireless fighter for our nation's destruction, I have a few final words for Ted Kennedy.

Thank you, Senator Kennedy, for my not being able to shop in immigrant-owned stores because they ignore me.

Thank you for the twelve television stations in my area that broadcast in foreign languages.

Thank you for abolishing English at most government agencies and businesses because immigrants don't really need to learn our language, do they?

Thank you for importing cultures that are completely alien to our way of life and have displaced many American citizens from their jobs and Constitutional rights.

In short thank you for your disservice to the United States of America

And for your efforts on behalf of the Divided States of Multiculturalism.

Taylor's previous letter about how American war heroes would perceive the alien invasion is here.

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