A Medical Doctor Warns U.S. Not To Invite The World
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From: Herbert Chen, M.D. (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Medical Care For Illegals—A Lifetime "Investment"

At the hospital where I work, I see dialysis patients every day.

If dialysis treatment were available to them, an estimated 10 million patients worldwide who presently live in countries where there is no option other than death for end-stage kidney disease would come to the US for care. 

We must guard against "inviting" them with the kind of sob stories in the mainstream media that Walker referred to.

Furthermore, only two major U.S. corporations that are international in scope provide dialysis within the US.

The potential for a windfall profit for those companies would be enormous and the cost to the taxpayers would be earth shattering.

But I expect the ethnic identity lobbyists will certainly take up dialysis treatment and will pressure the MainStream Media to print as many heart-rending stories of young people dying in pain and misery as it thinks its readers can tolerate.

Chen practices in a state carried by Barack Obama.

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