A California Reader Objects To Asparagus Growers Claiming We Need Mass Immigration For Affordable Food
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

A video report on growers and labor contractors [Valley contribution to immigration reform, KFSN, Fresno, February 21, 2013] shows them saying we need mass immigration for affordable food.

Asparagus grower Barbara Cecchinni is quoted as saying her workers keep leaving for better wages, and that if they’re amnestied, they won’t even want to pick asparagus...presumably because she doesn't pay good wages.

This is easily-debunked propaganda.

Would you buy that apple or head of lettuce for $1 if you knew it came with $100 trillion in debt?

Mass immigration comes with hidden costs, like $211 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

How did the unfunded liabilities grow from less than $54 trillion (pre George W. Bush) to over $211 Trillion (post GW)? mass immigration.

Wasn't this supposed to be America's Cold War victory "peace dividend"? Why are we acting like we lost and were sold into bondage?

We won—now let’s commit suicide ASAP!

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