A Baptist Reader Says The Election Of J. D. Greear Means The “Soros Wing” Has Captured The Southern Baptists
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From: A Baptist Reader [Email her]

Southern Baptists just elected left-winger J. D. Greear [Email him,]as their next president.

As a Southern Baptist friend just texted:

“The Southern Baptists are now led by a left-wing, open-borders, anti-white SJW [Social Justice Warrior].”

For the past decade, the “Soros wing” of Southern Baptists have been successful.

The “Soros wing” now controls key Southern Baptist institutions:

Commenters call these people the “Soros wing” of the SBC because they all have ties to the open-borders, Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table. (See Alllan Wall's The "Evangelical Immigration Table"—A Treason Lobby Front.)

One commenter said: “The conservative days of the SBC are over. It’s now run by open Cultural Marxists like Russell Moore and JD Greear. The Southern Baptists will go the way of the Methodists.”

"And JD Greear is more than an open-borders Cultural Marxist. He’s also a clown. Much of his Twitter feed is him virtue signaling the latest politically correct nonsense like some 15-year-old autistic SJW."

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