"Evangelical Immigration Table", AKA Religious Left Promoting Amnesty To Credulous Media
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In the Daily Caller story about the "Evangelical Immigration Table", a Treason Lobby group on the Religious Left, I don't see any support for their claim that there's any increase in enthusiasm for legalization among evangelical voters.

There's enthusiasm for legalization among evangelical preachers, and enthusiasm for legalization among evangelical bureaucrats (which is who issues these reports) but none among evangelical voters, who tend to be regular Americans. See David Ward of Deseret News: "Evangelicals Differ With Their Leaders on Immigration Reform".

We've written about this repeatedly. For the full scoop on this group, see The "Evangelical Immigration Table"—A Treason Lobby Front, by , and more here.

Pro-immigration reform group claims ‘sea change’ in favor of legalization among evangelical voters

Caroline May Email Caroline May
Political Reporter

Representatives from the Evangelical Immigration Table, an immigration advocacy coalition, are claiming there has been a “sea change” in favor of immigration reform within the evangelical community.

“I think this issue is unlike issues I’ve sometimes seen before,” Jim Wallis, the president of Christian social justice group Sojourners, said during a Monday conference call with reporters. Sojourners is part of the Evangelical Immigration Table.

“There really is a sea change in the evangelical world on immigration reform,” he said, adding that he believes evangelical support is helping fuel the political movement for immigration reform. [More]

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