A California Reader Reports That A School Is Being Named After Illegal Alien Scofflaw Jose Antonio Vargas
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From: "Angry Californian" [Email him]

Another abomination from my home state of California:

"Seeking to honor a former Crittenden Middle School student who went on to become a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, Mountain View Whisman School District board members agreed last week to name a new school after Jose Antonio Vargas."

New school to be named after Jose Antonio Vargas

By Kevin Forestieri , Mountain View Voice, June 11, 2018

This is Jose Antonio Vargas, the "undocumented" citizen (or alien—what's the difference?).

Another slap in the face of America as a nation of laws, of America as a people with a sense of self-respect.

James Fulford writes: Vargas is not actually a "Pulitzer prize-winning journalist". He was an extremely junior member of a Washington Post "team" that got a Pulitzer for coverage of the Immigrant Mass Murder at Virginia Tech. 11 reporters got bylines: Vargas, who was working illegally at the Post using fake ID, was one of them. It's interesting to note that his high school class couldn’t go to Japan on a trip because he wouldn’t have been allowed back in to America—they had to go to Hawaii, instead.

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