A Baltimore Reader Says Baltimore Isn't QUITE As Black, Or As Violent, As It's Painted—But It's Getting There!
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Re: Paul Kersey’s blog post During Ceasefire Weekend In 75% Black Baltimore, 10 Black People Murdered By Other Blacks, Stressing The Claim 'Black Lives Matter'

From: Ellen Packer [Email her]

I appreciate Paul Kersey's running tab of black-on-white murders (in the way I'd appreciate cancer stats). However his May 11, 2021 piece is factually wrong on two counts.

First, 10 people weren't killed here during a cease-fire weekend. It was 10 over a week, Saturday May 1 through Friday May 8. This leftish lady keeps a running tab:  2021 Baltimore City Homicides - List

Second, Baltimore isn't 75% black; it only feels that way. It's 60-something-% black, 6-ish% Hispanic and about 25-6% white.

Revisit in a few years and 75% is feasible, as would be 10 homicides in a weekend.

Update, sent June 3, 2021:

Paul was just looking ahead. 11 people were killed here this past Friday through Monday.


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