By Sam Francis on 11/01/2001

The Anthrax Attackers: "Hate Groups"? - Or (Shh!) Immigrants?

After weeks of blasting every goat barn in Afghanistan visible to high-altitude aircraft, the U.S. ...
By James Fulford on 10/31/2001

Why No "Ashcroft Raids"?

On the evening of January 2, 1920, raids by the Federal Department of Justice took place in 30 cities across the United States. In all, the Justice Department rounded up and deported about 3,000 people...
By Steve Sailer on 10/30/2001

Afghans And The American Racial Dilemma

The mass murders of 9/11 plunged America into the volatile vagaries of Afghan politics. We currently find ourselves perplexed by trying to assemble a post-Taliban government in a land where every exten...
By Sam Francis on 10/29/2001

WSJ Edit Page: Immigration Si - Americans` Rights No!

If Americans have learned nothing else from the Sept. 11 attacks, they should at least lear...
By Paul Craig Roberts on 10/28/2001

Abolishing America (contd.): Academe vs. Patriotism

For many Americans the events of September 11 have breathed new life into patriotism, but many in academia and the media remain hostile to America. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (w...
By Allan Wall on 10/26/2001

Memo From Mexico | THE EDUCATION OF A GRINGO IN MEXICO, Or How Living in Mexico Helped Transform Me Into A VDARE.COM Contributor

To experience another culture is like seeing the world through another set of spectacles. It's a highly enriching experience, and I highly recommend it. It might even help transform your thinking on th...
By Sam Francis on 10/25/2001

Abolishing America (contd.): The Crusade Against The Crusades

One further casualty of the Sept. 11 attacks may be the word and even the concept "crusade," which seems well on the way to the same graveyard of perfectly good expressions like "Dutch treat" and "Wels...
By James Fulford on 10/24/2001

The Barton Case: Waking The Sleeping Giant?

The Center For American Unity, 's sponsoring organization, has just filed an amicus brief  in the Janice Barton case, arguing  that Mrs Barton was using protected political
By Paul Gottfried on 10/23/2001

Tutto Esaurito*

*All Used Up Things are happening in Italy. I've just seen published a commentary by longtime leftwing activist Ida Magli, published in the Milanese daily Il Giornale, that seeks to address a "phenome...
By Sam Francis on 10/22/2001

Abolishing Americanism: How Loyal are America's Muslims

Ever since Sept. 11, President Bush and other national leaders have been telling us how loyal, law-abiding and patriotic most American Muslims and Arabs are. There's no reason to doubt it, but there'...