Whirlwind Or Cancer? Immigration Continues Out Of Control.
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Ignore the Rule of Law long enough and guess what?  You reap the whirlwind!  What is the whirlwind?  A rapidly rotating, generally vertical column of air, such as a tornado, dust devil, or waterspout.  It is a natural phenomenon, an act of nature.

So how can one compare a whirlwind to a series of human events?  You can't except in metaphor. And now there are plenty of metaphors around.  Human errors which create conditions that lead to cataclysms, such as the Crash of 1929 or the present financial collapse, which some think will be later dubbed the Crash of 2008.  Ignoring basic rules and practices, allowing extreme financial shenanigans, ignoring common sense and letting greed and indifference overmaster the Rule of Law has brought our entire nation and in fact many countries worldwide into circumstances of huge stress and disorder which may not subside for years to come.

But adding to the disarray extant now are other factors which have, like a slow-developing cancer, will suddenly add to the mix of treatments necessary to solve our national crisis. These include environmental concerns, infrastructure needs, energy shortages, etc.

And, of course, the post-1965 immigration disaster, which has, like the financial crisis, been perpetrated and promoted by the business community for the same reason–plain old fashioned greed–allowed by our elected Federal officials for the same reasons.

So the immigration invasion is more like a cancer than a whirlwind, but equally deadly as it advances to its present level.

Perfect example, Maryland, which according to a Saturday, March 9 Washington Post article is "the last holdout east of the Colorado Rockies in the nationwide effort to tighten rules on how states issue driver's licenses" allowing this state to "become a magnet for illegal immigrants from Georgia to Delaware seeking driving privileges". [Easy-to-Get Licenses Expose Md. to Fraud, By Lisa Rein and N.C. Aizenman]

Here we are, losing over 600,000 jobs a months since late last year, our industries are in fearful shape, and our government is bailing out banks and car companies with a level of largesse never seen in human history, and this simple, solvable matter of identifying who is here legally and who is not, has been a dangling disaster for years, perhaps really since that faulty immigration law was enacted in 1965.

It's all piled up, folks.  The immigration invasion, the financial fiasco, the bad stuff about global warming and the underlying menace of growing  numbers of angry, hungry people, who now number nearly 7 billion on a planet which is fit for less than half that number.

So why worry about Maryland?   Well, the claim has been made that Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the crime problems in NYC by arresting minor offenders, who often were criminals of a higher order.  Whether this is true or not, it suggests that we have to start somewhere.

Who is culpable?  Good question.  All who allowed this cancer to reach its present proportions: multinational corporations, ethnic and ideological advocacy groups, pliant Federal Administrations, and the ever uncritical Main Stream Media.  But more to the point, now for the future, the real blame will properly shift to those who, knowing full well the extent of the crisis, will do nothing about it.

That clearly brings us to the gaping continuing failure of the present Congress, enjoying the apparent tacit approval of the new Administration: Their unwillingness, most recently in the US Senate, to extend E-verify, which studies show works 99.4% of the time.  Any business hiring a new employee can access a central DHS computer and thus find out, usually in 2 minutes, whether that person is here legally or illegally.

Failing to make a start to this growing cancer of excess people remains inexcusable.

Then there is the legacy of refugees, prompted by a world at war.  Why must we be the drop off point for such masses?

As the NY Times story of March 29, 2009 (Foreign Ways and War Scars Test Hospital by Denise Grady) reports, "The influx from Somalia has been especially large. A million people fled the country when civil war broke out. Many spent years in squalid, disease-ridden refugee camps or shantytowns in Ethiopia or Kenya."

These are Muslims of the most conservative type, the kind who end up as terrorist recruits.

"The lucky ones, granted refugee status, started arriving in the United States in the mid-1990s. Many were relocated to Minneapolis by the State Department because of the city's strong social services and its many civic groups that help newcomers. There are an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 Somalis in Minnesota, most in Minneapolis, more than in any other American city. But the exact number is not known because refugees are not tracked when they move from state to state. Some officials and Somalis themselves think the figure is much higher than the state estimates, perhaps even double.

Hennepin County Medical Center, a sprawling complex in downtown Minneapolis near the Metrodome, offers an extraordinary vantage point on the ways immigrants are testing the American medical establishment. The new arrivals—many fleeing repression, war, genocide or grinding poverty—bring distinctive patterns of illness and injury and cultural beliefs about life, death, sickness and health.

In a city where Swedes and Norwegians once had separate hospitals, Hennepin spends $3 million a year on interpreters fluent in 50 languages to communicate effectively with its foreign-born patients."

Have we lost our minds?  No, just control of immigration—which can easily be regained.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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