What Financial Crisis? Greek’s Government Electing A New People Anyway
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big[1]News you’ve not heard from Greece: today (July  7) three parties in the Greek Parliament asked for a delay in new citizenship legislation that will not only legalize about 150,000 immigrants from Asia and Africa—into a Greek population of just 11 million— but will also set the basis for a massive influx of more, because of family reunification rulings.

In addition, a “humanitarian” provision actually grants legal status and possibly citizenship to people with health issues, to victims of domestic violence, even to those claiming they were mistreated in their work environments in their countries and so on.

The three opposition parties wanted the delay because of the political chaos following the unexpected defeat of the July 5 bailout referendum and the subsequent negotiations between the Greece government and the European Union.

But the hard-Left governing party, SYRIZA, did not permit a delay. The legislation will voted on in the next few days.

Abroad SYRIZA is only known for its anti-austerity stance. But its stance on the EU-Greece relationship is not as much a priority as is its Leftist agenda: the abolition of any traditional structure in Greek society and Electing a New Greece through mass non-traditional immigration.

So, while it is very possible that in the next few hours EU and Greece will reach an agreement, thus depriving Greece of any chance of reclaiming its own currency, the more important changes made by SYRIZA in the first few months of its government are hard-core Left: the legalization of homosexual marriage; the reviving of the Left-dominated state television network; the citizenship law.[ Greek Lawmakers Pass Bill To Reopen State Broadcaster ERT, By Niki Kitsantonis, April 29, 2015]

Greece’s economic and immigration crises are entwined. You might expect that the economic crisis would make Greece a less desirable country for immigrants, but over the past months the number of Asians and Africans arriving in Greece has actually risen. The decision of the new SYRIZIA government to close down the immigrant detention camps and release everybody who claimed they had a place to stay was heavily publicized in Turkey, where the illegal alien tide pools before entering Europe.[ Greece throws open immigration detention centres, By Darren Mara, SBS (Australia), April 17,  2015] Many illegal aliens have been found with papers describing the various changes in the immigration policy.

The Greek islands are so heavily burdened with immigrants that it is causing problems in the tourist industry. Riots have exploded in some islands. Local law enforcement has neither the manpower nor the money to control the rising numbers.

SYRIZA’s electoral success is based on two things: The bitterness of Greeks towards the European Union and towards and Germany, whom they blame for six years austerity during which Greek debt somehow kept rising; and the corruption of the old parties, which made them heavily unreliable for any Greek voter. The referendum “No” is a typical example: opinion polls show Greeks more favorable to the Euro, but fed up to the point of no return.

SYRIZA is divided, and a Grexit and a return to a Greek national currency does not seem to be Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ goal. The removal early on Monday morning of Yiannis Varoufakis, the finance minister, does seem to suggest that there will be at least an attempt for an agreement on a bailout plan. Varoufakis had managed to become a persona non grata at the negotiation table. Thus his absence from further negotiations can be interpreted as a sign of good faith from the Greek side.

SYRIZA is mainly composed of ex-Communists. Their ultimate aim is to turn Greece into a one-party state. So besides putting their people into key positions—there is a long list of affiliates and family members of prominent SYRIZA ministers who have taken over important state positions in just two months—they are aiming to import a heavy presence of immigrants, who will soon be given voting rights, to ensure that they will be able to win any elections.

Whether SYRIZA decides to stay in the EU or leave it, Greek’s immigration crisis will only get worse. Of course, the government cannot bring the immigration issue to a referendum, since every poll is showing that overwhelming majorities of Greeks consider immigration a problem that needs to be solved. In true Leftist fashion what SYRIZA will do is compromise with the EU bureaucracy, while at the same time using the time given to it to turn Greece to a multicultural hellhole.

Greece has one of the smallest population in Europe. Along with Italy, which I recently visited and was awed by the sheer number of immigrants in the center of Rome, it is accepting one of largest proportionate influxes of aliens.

Greece, Italy, and France, which already has a huge issue due to its immigration from its former colonies, might well be the first countries in Europe to see their indigenous populations becoming a minority.

Dimitrios Papageorgiou [Email him] is an Athens-based broadcaster, journalist, and Editor of Patria Magazine.


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