VDARE.com’s Summer Reading List: Mark Butterworth’s I LIKE THE WHITE WORLD
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We need something shorter! We need something lighter!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from Peter Brimelow regarding VDARE.com content. And of course, he’s right. The heavy stuff, the powerful analysis, is why we’re all here, but we can’t expect people to number-crunch and pull their hair out every day. Even here in chilly New England, summer is approaching and we all need beach reads.


Sacramento-based blogger Mark Butterworth’s novel I Like the White World is 151 pages of just that: it follows the story of Ted Mason, a regular Joe, as he works his way out of a popular Mega-church into a Catholic film company where he makes an important documentary on the nature of Truth.


But this isn’t a religious book.


In fact, Ted’s story, while interesting in its own right, is really just a vehicle for the powerful soliloquies of Ted’s father, a direct descendent of Massachusetts Puritans and proud of his white heritage, often directed to his grandson, Ted’s son Luke. As Ted says, “His politics have gotten ethnic.” And it is from him that the book gets its title.

I’ve been sitting back, letting dad tell his tales in his own way to Luke. If the boy was troubled by anything, he’d either speak up or ask me later what was true or not. I rented as many movies as I could about early America and the colonies, but there weren’t many. There was Northwest Passage  (with Spencer Tracy. Pretty good). There was The Last of the Mohicans, which is superb. An odd little Al Pacino movie called Revolution which is better than what the critics said, but Al Pacino as a Yankee does require great powers to suspend disbelief, but Luke didn’t notice since he hardly knows who the actor is, anyway. And then there’s the John Ford, Drums Along the Mohawk, with one of the scariest chase scenes in pictures. Nothing spectacular, just a guy running for his life and to save his people.


I’ve been enjoying the way Dad’s been spinning his yarns. I didn’t know much from that period, either, and so I checked out the research Luke often followed up with on the Internet. For example, the Solutrean Hypothesis is a fascinating take on prehistoric America. What’s especially piquant is how new information shakes up hoary cant and propaganda. Take Kennewick Man, a Caucasian skeleton found along the Columbia River dated to around 7500 B.C., when no white men were supposed to be treading Hiawatha’s happy hunting grounds. The local Indians covered up the study of the body as soon as possible with the Federal government colluding to hide evidence that, maybe, they weren’t the first people around there with special racial claims.


I mean, people want to be proud about something about their race, their tribe, their club. That’s natural, especially if you’ve been on a long, losing streak in terms of history, or recent lack of accomplishments.


“Look at a ghetto black, hell, even a middle class, black kid. He’s got to hate whites most of all. If he didn’t hate whites, he’d have to hate himself, and he does so much, in fact, unconsciously, which makes him a loser from the start. He hates Asians and Hispanics, too, but it’s not the same. It’s the white man, he figures who made him stupid, poor, fatherless, and a fool,” my father has said and adds, “A funny thing with stupid people is they may not be bright, but they can be damned cunning.”


“In this world, the land belongs to those who can take it and keep it. We Masons, Chases, Butterworths, Allards, Mathers, Winthrops, and so on are the people that took it, kept it, and are now throwing it away.” “I know there are places you can drive through in Florida, West Virginia, Wyoming and say to yourself, ‘if this is the white world, you can keep it’. Plenty of white scumbags in prison and on the street, but still, you wonder what things would be like if we’d stayed 98% Anglo-Saxon,” dad once said. “Look at Japan. Japanese thank Buddha or Mr. Shinto everyday they were born Japanese in Japan. Clean country. Spotless really. Everything runs properly. Government is responsive. A cracked sidewalk doesn’t stay cracked for long. No welfare because that’s shameful. The people care about their neighbors, what they think. Some say too much, not enough individualism there, but the country works and they want to keep it that way. No immigrants hardly. We’ve got this idea that anybody can be an American, but all the folks we’re letting in now don’t want to be. Bastards. And how many Jews do you think thank Yahweh everyday that the goyim saved them from the shtetles and pogroms of Europe?”


“The Germans, Poles, Swedes, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese—who needed ‘em? We didn’t need them, except the rich bastards brought them over to work the hell out of them, and screw up the country. The damned Europeans thought in terms of class warfare and the welfare state. Look what those bastards have wrought. Is there a decent city to live in America still? Haven’t they all been run into the ground? Or they’re about to be, even in Orange County.”[Links added by VDARE.com]

I Like the White World is available at Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions. Get it for your next vacation…or just to relieve stress while contemplating the fact that the amnesty-supporting son of Colombian immigrants has just beaten the pro-gay marriage descendant of the Mayflower Winslows for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in Massachusetts—with the support of the Massachusetts GOP Establishment, of course.


Athena Kerry (email her) graduated from a Catholic university somewhere in America.

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