UnElecting A People—Amnesty Is The Ultimate Form Of “Voter Suppression”
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is refusing to admit that the Democrats need to change anything about their policies or their message in the wake of their historic defeat in the 2014 midterm elections. Instead, she thinks the Democrats lost because “eligible voters did not vote in the election this year.” [Pelosi delivers postmortem to her troops, by Mike Lillis, The Hill, November 6, 2014]

While it’s tempting to dismiss this as Führerbunker-style raving, Pelosi is actually foreshadowing the Democrats’ next move – an all-out assault on election integrity, coupled with mass Amnesty to overwhelm the historic American nation.

Underlying this blunt political calculus: the brutal reality that GOP’s electoral strike against Obama’s Minority Occupation Government was driven by a huge reliance on the white vote and enforcing laws against voter fraud, a reliance that will only increase in the elections to come. American elections are increasingly resembling a racial headcount.

Consider just some of the reports from this past cycle.

  • Kansas

Senator Pat Roberts and even Governor Sam Brownback survived a difficult political challenge spawned by Governor Brownback’s insistence on inflicting Beltway Right dogma on his struggling constituents. Immigration patriot and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach enjoyed an 18 point victory, avoiding being dragged down by the state GOP’s struggles.

One reason Brownback survived: the massive help he received from a national Republican Party which suddenly found itself defending Pat Roberts’s Senate seat.[“Overwhelming bombardment”: How a suddenly competitive Senate race helped Sam Brownback hang on in Kansas, by Luke Brinker, Salon, November 7, 2014]

But Brownback is also indebted to the stringent efforts of Kris Kobach to enforce the state’s strict voter ID law—which led to thousands of would —be “voters,” most of whom lean Democratic, not meeting the requirements. [More than 21,000 Kansans’ voter registrations in suspense because of proof of citizenship, by Deb Gruver, The Wichita Eagle, November 1, 2014] The Main Stream Media calls this voter suppression—although Puerto Rico also requires a government issued ID in order to vote, which is somehow accepted without controversy.

  • Virginia

Ed Gillespie confounded many expectations (including my own) and made a close Senate race in the Old Dominion, not conceding until November 7. [Republican Ed Gillespie concedes VA Senate race, by Matthew Barakat, Associated Press, November 7, 2014]. Of course, one reason he was able to do this was his thinly-veiled appeal to racial populism by defending the Washington Redskins name in the final weeks of the campaign. Significantly, in the wake of Mark Warner’s close victory, Democratic strategists are arguing that Warner should abandon his moderate (for a Democrat) outreach to white rural voters and focus on increasing turnout among white liberals and minorities. [On his way to a slim victory in a changing VA., Warner may have wooed wrong voters, by Jenna Portnoy and Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post, November 5, 2014]

  • Georgia

Republican Senate candidate David Perdue won a victory without needing to go to a runoff because he acquired a sufficiently large share (74%) of the white vote. Chris Matthews recognized (but decried) the realities of racial headcounting in Southern politics when he shouted during a broadcast: “I feel like we’re in South Africa! 27% of the white vote, and yet everybody says she [Democrat Michelle Nunn] needs 30. It’s already written down somewhere exactly what your bar is for each community. I mean, it’s pretty awful.” [‘I Feel Like We’re in South Africa!’ Matthews Breaks Down Georgia Vote by Race, by Matt Wilstein, Mediaite, November 4, 2014]

Needless to say, this discomfort is nowhere to be found when MSM pundits discuss nonwhites voting as a block.

As VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow has noted,

Nationally in 2014, the GOP appears to have won about 60% of the white vote (Exit polls: National House, CNN.com, November 5, 2014). This is about what it won in the 2010 Tea Party midterms, and slightly better than the hapless Mitt Romney won in 2012.
But white turnout was higher than for Romney in 2012—according to CNN, whites made up 75% of the voters in 2014, vs. some 72% in 2012.
To put this in perspective, remember that Reagan won 64% of the white vote in 1984—and Nixon won 67% back in 1972.

Of course, even while the Republican Party relies upon a combination of strict voter identification laws, low turnout among minorities, and obtaining an ever-increasing share of the white vote, Beltway Right functionaries like National Review’s John Fund continue to promote the false hope that the GOP can somehow capture the votes of nonwhites’ because they can “be appealed to on an individual basis.” [More Non-White Voters for the GOP, National Review, November 7, 2014]

The GOP is thus unprepared for the powerful Narrative taking shape within the MSM: the midterm elections are illegitimate because they were dominated by white voters and because it’s too hard to vote.

Indeed, The New York Times ran an weird opinion column even before Election Day calling for midterms to be canceled because they “weaken the President.” [Cancel the Midterms, by David Schanzer and Jay Sullivan, New York Times, November 2, 2014]

And since the GOP reclaimed the Senate majority on Tuesday, the anger has only increased.

The first step to restoring “legitimate” elections in the eyes of the Left: making sure that proof of citizenship or identification is not required in order to vote.

And as usual, the courts are doing their dirty work. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (Judges Jerome Holmes, George W. Bush nominee, Gregory Phillips, Obama nominee, and Carlos Lucero, Clinton nominee and judge who wrote the decision) ruled (PDF) against Kris Kobach on November 7 and overturned a Kansas law which required proof of citizenship before registering to vote. This is only one of several court decisions against such laws. [Federal appeals courts overturns citizenship proof rule for Kansas voters, by Elizabeth LaForgia, Jurist, November 8, 2014]

Worse, Barack Obama’s forthcoming executive Amnesty is being justified explicitly on the grounds that the people who voted in the midterms should be deliberately ignored.

Thus William Saletan, fresh from pronouncing that the elections were actually a victory for the Left, now thinks that President Obama should counter by pushing through executive Amnesty and governing in the interest of those who didn’t vote. In his words, “Obama thinks there’s an army of voters out there who stayed home Tuesday but can swamp Boehner’s troops. And he’s right.” [Forget the Republican Mandate, by William Saletan, Slate, November 6, 2014]

Of course, lost in all the talk about “voter suppression” and the need to represent non-citizens is the fact that allowing fraudulent votes and importing a new population effectively disenfranchises existing American citizens.

And consciously acting to dispossess Americans through mass immigration after they have democratically expressed their opposition is an abuse of power far more serious than anything done by the government of George III.

To actively ignore not just the will of the voters and consciously seek to “swamp” them is indistinguishable from the tactics of a foreign regime waging a war of conquest.

But then again—that’s the point. The Obama Regime and its MSM cheerleaders have already decided that its chief obstacle is the actually existing American people.

Unfortunately, the only representation the American people currently have is in the compromised and weak Republican Congress. As even the Beltway Right is now admitting, impeachment is the only answer left if Obama goes through with his unilateral Amnesty.

And if the GOP isn’t willing to impeach, it will be complicit in the greatest act of voter suppression of all—effectively unmaking every vote the historic American nation cast in this past election, or in any election to come.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.


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