Immigration Reform Prophets vs. The Treason Lobby
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While the open borders lobby—which now perhaps should more appropriately be known simply as the "Treason Lobby"— has for years ignored, sneered at and denounced as "racists" and "xenophobes" anyone who warned of the consequences of mass immigration, some of those consequences became agonizingly clear on Sept. 11. Yet for years prior to the atrocities committed that day, critics of mass immigration and advocates of immigration restriction have argued that uncontrolled immigration would lead to precisely what it led to. Here are some quotations from out of the past to support that claim:

"... in recent years our lack of border and immigration security has led to the development of serious national vulnerabilities.... The massive influx of immigrants and refugees into the United States thus represents an opportunity for foreign terrorists, for domestic extremists, and for hostile foreign powers to destabilize this country." —Palmer Stacy and Samuel Francis, "Lax Immigration—Threat to Internal Security," in American Security Council's Washington Report, April, 1982.

"Our poorly guarded borders and lax visa, asylee and refugee policies provide inviting opportunities for terrorists, as well as other criminals."—Wayne Lutton and John Tanton, The Immigration Invasion, 1994.

"The Detroit Metro area has the largest Mid-East population on the globe outside of the Mid-East.... Terrorism experts indicate that Canada has become an assembly point for potential terrorists seeking U.S. targets.... During the Gulf War the Detroit Border Patrol was in a high state of security. We received intelligence almost daily of potential terrorist smuggling efforts from Canada in our area of operation."—Mark P. Hall, president of Local 2499 of the National Border Patrol Council, Testimony on Northern Border Security before House Immigration Subcommittee, April 14, 1999.

"One of the most dangerous threats to our national security is the risk of a terrorist crossing our Northern Border undetected. This happened in 1997 when Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer crossed the Northern Border and attempted to blow up the New York subway system.... Since 1995, there have been at least thirteen other cases of terrorists crossing the border from Canada, two in Blaine, Washington, alone." —Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman, House Immigration Subcommittee, April 14, 1999.

The list of quotes could go on and on, but these are among the clearest and most succinct warnings about what should have been a major security problem obvious to everyone. It wasn't—because the Treason Lobby consistently denied the threats and succeeded in massaging the rest of the country into denial also.

Last year, when Michigan Sen. Spencer Abraham was opposing measures that made the tracking of foreign terrorists who had gained entry to the country easier for federal authorities, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) sponsored ads against the senator asking, "Why is Senator Spencer Abraham trying to make it easier for terrorists like Osama bin Laden to export their war of terror to any city street in America?" Mr. Abraham responded by denouncing FAIR as a "hate group," and Treason Lobby ideologue Paul Gigot called the group "racist" in his Wall Street Journal column. No recognition of the need for enhanced security at any border was acknowledged.

Aside from the security problems of false passports, easily obtained visas, expired visas, lack of adequate tracking and the absence of interior enforcement of immigration laws by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the larger problem caused by mass immigration is the evolution of alien subcultures within the country that serve as safe havens and alternative social structures in which terrorists (as well as criminals and drug dealers) can live, hide, move and operate. Such counter-cultures are one of the toughest anti-terrorist nuts for law enforcement and intelligence services to crack.

The Washington Post reports that the FBI is poorly equipped to counter the terrorist threats that mass immigration has created. "Boxes of evidence have piled up in previous terrorist plots, but the FBI has not had translators to decipher them. It lacks Arab agents who can penetrate terrorist cells and has too few veterans who see connections among foreign suspects and far-flung sites." It's precisely cultural "diversity" that creates such problems, but they're not peculiar to Arab and Muslim subcultures. There are similar communities in this country from Latin America, Africa and Asia, and each has imported its ethnic quarrels and hatreds and cultural and linguistic barriers.

These are the real results of the "diversity" the Treason Lobby has chirped about for so long. There's no sign they've learned anything or have any intention of shutting up, but it's time Americans started ignoring them and began paying attention to those who saw where the Treason Lobby's treachery was really leading.



September 27, 2001

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