Time To Start A Patriotic Immigration Conspiracy
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In taking a step back from the immigration and National Question orbit recently, I discovered the fascinating work of economic freedom heroine Catherine Austin Fitts.  Here's probably the most significant piece of advice she gives to freedom-loving Americans: stop worrying that there's a conspiracy against you . . . you need to start one!

In the immigration law enforcement sphere, VDARE.com readers across America are already forming the building blocks of an immigration law enforcement conspiracy.  The trouble is that the plan is still in its formative stages, the parties don't know each other and aren't collaborating…and all of the pieces of the puzzle haven't even been dreamed up yet.

But nevertheless, there is great cause for hope.  Through the miracle of the internet (as Peter Brimelow frequently points out), there's a formidable assemblage of brain-power among the broad coalition of folks visiting VDARE.com just waiting to be tapped.

The Treason Lobby has made millions profiting from the illegal alien invasion over the years.  Now it's time for patriotic Americans to put their heads together and figure out some contrary incentives, monetary and otherwise, to get some immigration law enforcement rolling in America again.

I regularly see some great conspiracy ideas are scattered throughout my e-mail in-box.

Here's some of the latest wisdom of three entirely unrelated VDARE.com readers, which I've fashioned into one downright smashing conspiracy . . . if I do say so myself.

Here's the plan: put illegal alien-hiring companies under surveillance, report their illegal alien workers, figure out a way to take down their businesses using the  muscle of the Internal Revenue Service—all while making money in civil class action lawsuits against them too!

Now start conspiring! . . . legally, of course. 

It's time for patriotic Americans to put our heads together. 

  • VDARE.com reader #1's Action Idea – Figure out how to take down illegal-alien hiring corporations using the IRS

I love reading your stuff on VDARE.com, very educational!  I work in a meat processing facility in central Iowa.

Reading all the articles on the web about the 'jobs American's won't do', etc., I see one glaring omission.

The company I work for went from 'zero' to $100,000,000 in yearly sales in 30 years. In my discussions with coworkers, I have ALWAYS maintained THE ONLY culprits responsible for the great influx of illegal aliens are the owners of the companies that hire them.

I firmly believe illegal aliens have made it possible for this company to achieve that prosperity in that short time.

I read on a government website that in the 1970s a meat processor may have made up to $11/12 an hour.  That is what I make today in 2006.

There are quite a few illegal aliens in the facility I am currently employed.  They are downright brazen and bold about their illegal status. Further, using the 8-10 dependent kids trick, they take home more pay than law-abiding people making 2-3 dollars per hour more!

Now, all I have is hearsay, but fairly reliable.  The IRS is getting involved.

Remember...the FBI couldn't get Capone, but the IRS did!

One Mexican who had taken some extended leave came back. The [human resources department] said yes we will rehire, but there is a garnishment to the tune of $35,000 for 'back taxes' due. He didn't return of course.

Another Mexican currently employed, I hear, is under IRS direction to amend his W-2.

When a coworker of mine mentioned that to our supervisor, his comment was: "Why would Lupe care? He's under a fake name anyway."

After much reading on your site and others and now knowing that at least the supervisors know (now; maybe not at hiring) the status of some of our Mexicans, I will pass the information onto ICE or even the IRS.

This is America and in my 43 years of life I have seen and experienced; THE way to get people's attention is in the wallet.

  • VDARE.com reader #2's Action Idea –  Make money suing the companies in class actions

I live by my Dad's adage—a long time cold warrior who observed and was part of the military-industrial complex—"He who complains has already lost."

The fight over illegal immigration has already been lost in both the Legislative/Executive branches.  Just a cursory review of various immigration law amendments/EOs [executive orders] makes that perfectly clear.  The Judiciary is the last bastion; even there, criminal prosecution is also lost, which leaves only one course of action remaining: civil courts.

Lawyers are trolling every conceivable angle because they know after the first case breaks their way, billions will flow from class-action suits.  Only then will we see an end to illegal immigration—not from fear of the Feds, et al, but the best fear of all: losing money.

  • VDARE.com reader #3's Action Idea—Start off by putting the companies under surveillance

Wanted to write to let you know I appreciate the info on your website.  I am a private investigator in Indiana who is looking into doing video surveillance on businesses and corporations that hire the busloads of illegals that are transported to jobs in the Mid West everyday.  I see it a lot in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.  In looking into this, I found your website and blog and will use it for reporting information.

  • And finally – Juan Mann's tried-and-true Action Idea: Report illegal aliens!

As far as reporting aliens goes . . . do keep up the pressure.  Who knows—since there have been having some well-publicized immigration raids recently, maybe the folks at ICE will suddenly decide to clean out your favorite company sometime?  It's worth a shot!

TO REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN—contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security by calling (866) DHS-2ICE to "report suspicious activity"(866) 347-2423.

You can also make a report with the DHS/ICE Investigations division in a city near you with the numbers listed here.

Juan Mann [email him] is an attorney and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com. He writes a weekly column for VDARE.com and contributes to Michelle Malkin's Immigration BLOG. 

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