Meet More Of The Immigration Reform Coalition: JTF Breaks All The Rules!
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(See also by Juan Mann: Meet (Part Of) The Immigration Reform Coalition. They're Surprised Too.)

If you believe the Treason Lobby and its enforcers in the media, you might get the impression that anyone who supports immigration restriction is either anti-semitic, anti-Mexican, neo-Nazi or (according to the latest hysteria from the Wall Street Journal Edit Page)  "neo-Malthusian."

But in the immigration reform coalition, Treason Lobby rules are made to be broken.

Consider the New York City-based Jewish Task Force––"an all-volunteer organization of right-wing Jews and righteous Gentiles" supporting "[a]n immediate end to all foreign immigration into the United States, combined with the complete expulsion of America's millions of illegal aliens and the stringent removal of her legal ones at the expiration of their work or residency visas."

So what does the Treason Lobby do about an organization "fighting to save America and Israel from Islamic terrorism" that also advocates real immigration reform?

Answer: pretend it doesn't exist.

But it may be that someone in the Bush Administration is paying attention to JTF.

According to an unusual report on the JTF web site this week –– the President's campaign met with JTF in Washington, D.C. sometime recently for over four hours. The Bush illegal alien amnesty proposal was a hot topic. ("JTF's Chaim Ben Pesach Meets High-Ranking Bush Campaign Officials," March 17-23.  JTF does not archive its material, so read it now!)

JTF reports:

"Although the meeting was supposed to be a review of JTF's extensive research on [John] Kerry's lifelong anti-American and anti-Israel history, it evolved into a detailed discussion about campaign strategy and tactics. Chaim told the Republican officials that two issues in particular would severely damage Bush's chances of victory: the Bush anti-Israel Middle East polices, and the insane proposal to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

"Chaim and the Bush campaign officials argued and debated these points at length, but at the end agreed that these two issues—Israel and illegal aliens—could pose a major threat to Bush's re-election.

"Chaim and the Bush campaign officials agreed to remain in touch on a regular basis—with meetings at least once a month, and with conversations by telephone at least once a week."

It's about time that someone in the Bush administration heard the truth about how many Americans really feel about illegal alien amnesty!

And if its web site is any indication, JTF doesn't pull any punches on the issue either. JTF writes:

"If [President George W.] Bush continues to propose greatly accelerating the demographic process of America becoming majority non-white by offering amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens, it will guarantee his defeat this November.

"Millions of Republican and conservative voters will refuse to vote for Bush if they believe that they are casting a vote to turn America into a majority Third World banana republic."

Real immigration reform certainly does make for some strange bedfellows.

Syndicated columnist Sam Francis recently reiterated the grave danger of anti-Semitism posed by massive Third World immigration.

"[T]hese days, real anti-Semitism doesn't come from those who talk about the Jewish role in promoting liberal immigration policies. It comes from Arabs and other Third World immigrants whom those very policies have welcomed."

If Francis is correct in the observation that "Jewish Americans played a crucial role in pushing for mass immigration throughout the last century," maybe the time is ripe for right-wing Jewish Americans to take the lead in undoing the damage.

Stranger things have happened. And the JTF has been way ahead of the curve before.

As a supporter of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, it correctly identified his 1991 assassination as a harbinger of Islamic terrorism in the United States. They also predicted in September, 1994—a year after the first bombing of the World Trade Center—that Islamic terrorists would come back to "finish the job."

So if JTF really does have the ear of the Bush campaign now, maybe they'll have some luck in getting through to the Bush Administration about the insanity of illegal alien amnesty.

Since VDARE.COM's luncheon invitation from the Bush campaign seems to be delayed in the mail, we wish Chaim the best of luck!

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of

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