The Open Borders Lobby’s New Publicity Offensive—CEOs For Cheap Labor!—And How To Fight It
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The Open Borders Lobby has just launched yet another publicity offensive in to support the floundering Schumer Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill (S.744), with the help of its Main Stream Media cheering section. Confirming the plutocrat-plunderer aspect of his Elect-A-New-People drive, President Obama met today with “top corporate leaders” and brazenly claimed "This is not an issue where we’re looking for a political win." [Obama says CEOs want to make immigration 'easy' for Boehner, By Justin Sink, The Hill, November 5, 2013].

Fox News (!) put this in perspective:

The Administration has not released the names of the meeting attendees. But Press Secretary Jay Carney, in confirming the session, suggested the White House will continue to tout reform support from both political parties and big business, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Immigration reform will reduce the deficit by $850 billion over the first 20 years,” Carney told reporters. “It’s good for the economy and the right thing to do. We hope the House will follow the Senate and take action.”

A Senate Budget Committee spokesman said Carney delivered the talking points used by the business lobbyists pushing this immigration plan.

“But what does the Congressional Budget Office’s report actually show?” he asked. “The immigration plan would increase on-budget deficits, spike unemployment and slash workers’ wages. The White House is offering its full-throated endorsement of a plan to displace millions of low-income U.S. workers at a time of crippling joblessness.”

[Washington support for immigration reform heats up as time runs out, November 4, 2013. Emphasis  and links added].


The truth, of course, is that passage of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill would be a disaster for American workers—and for the historic American nation

Fortunately, there are signs that Patriots in the House realize that passing even a good bill would give Open Borders Lobby operatives the chance to smuggle Schumer-Rubio through when representatives of the Senate and the House meet to reconcile legislation in conference.

But there is an even more conclusive solution developed by the nonprofit on whose Board I serve, Carrying Capacity Network ( and its allies.

House Members should be encouraged to pass a Resolution—not a bill—that would set nine conditions to be satisfied before any so-called “Comprehensive” Bill is considered.

The Resolution should insist that before any bill is passed—

  1. The ongoing asylum fraud be halted;
  2. The Obama Administration deport all illegals accused of high or low-level offenses;
  3. Existing immigration law be fully enforced;
  4. The entry-exit visa system previously authorized and funded by Congress—but never made operational—be implemented, using funds from the existing TSA budget;
  5. the physical border fence previously authorized by Congress actually be completed;
  6. House sponsors of the resolution should require the establishment of an investigative Task Force should any immigration bill pass the House;
  7. House sponsors should be guaranteed appointment to the conference committee;
  8. The Task Force complete its work before the House considers any immigration bill! and
  9. The Task Force require the net cost of each provision of any proposed immigration bill, including S. 744, to be estimated, based on existing and authorized research, before any such bill is brought to the floor for a vote.

This would allow the House to fulfill the constitutional requirement that all spending bills originate in the House.

Summing up: the way to kill S. 744 is to bypass it. No immigration bill should come before the House until the foregoing nine Conditions are satisfied.

Most House Members have not yet made up their minds. American patriots are visiting or calling them (phone calls or office visits, followed by letters, are the most effectivefax machines can be turned off and emails disregarded) and telling them to VOTE NO on any and all immigration bills, good or bad!!

The only reason this disastrous Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill has been blocked until now is because of massive grassroots opposition. Please forward this article to your friends today!

Apart from anything else, some thirty million unemployed and underemployed Americans are counting on you to help provide jobs and to stop the wage depression that the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill would create.

David Durham (email him) is a lawyer and a co-founder in 1989 of the nonprofit Carrying Capacity Network on whose Board of Directors he serves. Mr. Durham and CCN are concerned about maintaining and enhancing the resource, environmental, and cultural sustainability of the USA.

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