The Hispanic Terrorist Trend—Why No MSM Feeding Frenzy?
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  • On November 10th, witnesses heard six shots fired into the White House.  One bullet lodged in the bulletproof glass of a residence window, and another was found along the exterior of the building.  Shortly thereafter, an AK-47 assault rifle with a large scope was found in an abandoned car on a nearby bridge. 

An “Idaho man” was arrested and charged.  He had a criminal history including domestic violence charges, and reportedly had visited an extremist camp and stayed there before the shooting.  He had an apocalyptic worldview, tattooed the world “Israel” on his neck, and frequently adorned himself in religious regalia.  In a video he made, he declared that he was “the modern-day Jesus Christ that you all have been waiting for" who “was sent here from God to lead the world to Zion."

The man is unemployed and lives with his mother. He had subscribed to extremist magazines and frequented extremist websites on the internet.  He had talked about plans to assassinate government officials and 'wage war' against the federal government.

You might expect pictures of these two men to be emblazoned everywhere as part of a months-long Main Stream Media blitz.  You might expect the MSM to declare that the plots constitute a Trend, and demand something be done about it.  You might expect the MSM to rush to uncover anyone who might be possibly remotely connected to the men—as it did after Jared Loughner shot up a supermarket in Arizona, making a wholly false connection to American Renaissance editor, and writer, Jared Taylor.

But we haven't seen that.  Only scant media coverage has occurred.  Most of that has focused on dismissing the men as “not a serious threat” and “mentally ill”.

Why the lack of MSM coverage for the Idaho man charged with shooting up the White House and the New York man plotting to “wage war” on the federal government?  Perhaps it has something to do with the alleged shooter's name being Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez.  And the man involved in the alleged bomb plot is named Jose Pimentel, although he sometimes calls himself “Muhammad Yusuf” or “Obama Hussein”.

Perhaps this is also why Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez escaped the notice of the Secret Service and other authorities for so long.  After the shooting, the Secret Service said it did not have any records of him making any threats against the President.  Yet many people who knew him reported that he regularly did just that.  One of his friends told investigators that Mr. Ortega-Hernandez said he believed the President was the “Antichrist” and that he 'needed to kill him'.  Another friend said Ortega-Hernandez said “President Obama was the problem with the government,” was “the devil,” and that he “needed to be taken care of.” The second friend also said Ortega-Hernandez appeared to be “preparing for something.”  [In Gunshots, a Trail of Threats Is Reported, By Charlie Savage, NYT, November 17, 2011]

It seems that the Secret Service, like other federal investigative forces, has started to believe their own propaganda that the most likely “domestic terrorists” are native born Americans of “non-ethnic” European ancestry.  In a recent video put out by the Department of Homeland Security, all potential terrorists were depicted as white, the sort of people traditionally considered to be “ordinary Americans”.  

The Department of Homeland Security, in its training of state and local police forces, has perpetuated this image of “domestic terrorists”.  According to many reports, the DHS’ own internal documents

“list predominantly white conservative groups as the most likely terrorists; such as Ron Paul supporters, gun owners, gold bullion enthusiasts, and a myriad of other comparatively banal political interests that are largely the domain of white middle class Americans.” [DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists, By Paul Joseph Watson,, July 21, 2011]

It appears that, like Jared Loughner, Ortega-Hernandez and Pimental's actions were prompted at least in part by mental illness.  But, according to the American Psychiatric Association, “second and later-generation Hispanic/Latino youth also are at higher risk for mental and emotional disorders,” compared to the population at large.  [Mental Health in the Hispanic/Latino Community, PDF]

Has the American Psychiatric Association endorsed's discovery of “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome”? The psychological stress of immigration and cultural alienation was exactly the point made by Brenda Walker  both in her article on “Immigrant Familicide” and in the article on the Virginia Tech massacre that launched the IMMS concept: Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, April 23, 2007.

You won't hear any of this from Newt Gingrich and other advocates of mass Third World immigration. 

Let’s review: In a race-neutral world, a man shooting up the White House, which has not happened in almost two decades, would be a top story for weeks.  If it had been followed a week and a half later by the arrest of a man building bombs who had declared war on the federal government, it would be natural to look for possible patterns.  Had the men been named Oskar Harman and Frank Penn, it’s not too far of a stretch to visualize an MSM feeding frenzy for months. 

But in this case, there's a pattern that our media elites don't want people to see. So the stories have been moved off the front pages and network TV as fast as possible. 

Move along, Americans. Nothing to see here.

James Ryan (email him) is an intelligence analyst who lives and works in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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