Hispanic Kidnapper Arrested For Shooting Four People In "Mayberry"
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Mount Airy, NC, is the site of what may be the latest Immigrant Mass Murder. It was the inspiration for the town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. You'll note that my headline doesn't say "Hispanic Gunman Kills Four"—all that is "alleged." But he was convicted of some form of kidnapping, served two years, and was released. What I'd like to know is if he's an immigrant, and if so, why he wasn't deported.

Man charged with killing 4 in Mayberry model town

AP – An undated photo released Monday Nov. 2, 2009, by the Mount Airy, N.C., Police of Marcos Chavez Gonzalez. …
MOUNT AIRY, N.C. – Police arrested a convicted kidnapper early Monday in the fatal shooting of four men in the town that inspired the idyllic community of Mayberry on the 1960s TV series “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Marcos Chavez Gonzalez was charged with four counts of murder in the slayings late Sunday outside Woods TV in Mount Airy, about 100 miles north of Charlotte, police said.

The town, population 8,700, is the hometown of Andy Griffith and has built a tourist trade on nostalgia for the show that continues to thrive in syndication.

The four were shot in the shadow of a water tower that says “Welcome to Mount Airy” and has a picture of Griffith and Opie, his son on the show.

“This is Mayberry … Andy Griffith’s house is in spitting distance here,” said Michael Wood, one of the owners of Woods TV.



A local is quoted as saying "My biggest question is why in this parking lot at all. Why Woods TV parking lot?" My biggest question is "Why in America?"

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