LA Times: Just The Facts
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The LA Times has an immigration blog, which has recently devoted itself to debunking an email that's been going around, which has claimed the Times as the source of its facts.You can see why they're annoyed; anti-immigration facts are not part of the LA Times's mission.

However, can I try to sort of, er, "rebunk" the part about the Most Wanted list?

"Fact" 3: 75% of people on the Most Wanted List in Los Angeles are illegal aliens. LAT citations: None. Factual basis: We can't locate such a fact anywhere. The Los Angeles Police Department's most wanted list contains a number of people with unknown or obscured identities, suggesting that tallying the legal status of everyone on the list would be very difficult if not impossible. Ditto for the FBI's most-wanted list.[Borderline: Just the Facts—UPDATED]

It may be true that in many cases the Most Wanted may be legal immigrants, or even citizens, but the list is still mostly immigrants.

Looking at the names on the LAPD Most Wanted list, there are three categories of names: What Archie Bunker called "regular American," random foreigners, (did you know there are Armenian gangs in LA?)and Hispanic. I count, unscientifically, about 20 random foreigners, 28 regular Americans, and 180 Hispanics.

It is not possible to look at this list and not worry about immigration.

Note: I said this was unscientific, didn't I? You can mostly tell who someone is by their last name, but Corinna Kowalsky, who I was going to put down as a regular American, turns out to be an illegal from Germany.

Some of the "people with unknown or obscured identities, " have pictures;here's one.

Three male Hispanic suspects approached the victim, who was using a pay phone. The suspects forced the victim into the back seat of her car and drove her to a possible vacant house in an unknown location. The suspects raped the victim repeatedly until the early AM hours.

Frankly, I don't care if this guy does have a Green Card.

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