The Fulford File: The Democrats Are Real Party Of School Violence—Because It’s Committed By Minorities
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See, earlier Ann Coulter: Nikolas Cruz And The School-To-Mass-Murder Pipeline

So we’ve now learned that Broward County’s determination to avoid the “School To Prison Pipeline” led to its failure to arrest school shooter Nikolas Cruz before he did his school shooting. Similarly, Trayvon Martin was suspended from school rather than arrested for possession of stolen jewelry, which why he was in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood to make his potentially lethal but unsuccessful attack on Zimmerman. As Steve Sailer might say: can we Notice a Pattern?

Basically, the Left’s position on crime and violence in schools is: “leave those kids alone” —because crime and violence in schools are committed disproportionately by blacks.

A search of Leftist “Explanatory Journalism “site VOX for the words “school discipline” produces stories like this:

It seems not to have occurred to the “Explanatory Journalists“ at VOX that blacks simply commit more and worse crime, at an earlier age, than whites do.

This has been going on as long as I can remember. Let’s take the case of the “Decatur Seven” —a 1999 “violence in schools “ agitation that revealed Jesse Jackson’s willingness to stand up for violence in schools:

News reports describe a "fight" on September 17 between students of two high schools at a football game in Decatur, Ill. "Fight" conjures up images of shoves leading to punches among two, three, maybe four people. More than four pairs of flying fists is a brawl. About ten hooligans participated in the Decatur incident, and their "fight" was by no means restricted to them alone. Other spectators had to scramble out of their way, an older man and woman were nearly knocked over, and another couple was almost pushed off the stands. The rampage lasted for ten minutes, and officials had to interrupt the game. The video footage looks like a melee from a British soccer match—and shows the riot for what it was.

The school board suspended six of the teens, all public-high-school students, for two years, and prosecutors filed felony charges against them. Enter the Reverend Jesse Jackson. With scores of racial agitators and sympathetic newsmen in tow, Jackson has turned the "Decatur Six" into the silliest cause since Mumia Abu Jamal. [ Mumia is a black leftist who murdered a white police officer]. He makes no effort to disprove the students' guilt, nor does he even challenge the idea of stringent policies against school violence. His suggestion seems to be that in this case, the rules are not only unfair, but racist. All six expelled students are black.

Still, he insists that Decatur is in no way a racial issue, just one of fairness. Of course. So how is a school board's implementing its zero-violence policy against violent goons unfair? Mainly, it seems, because the predominantly white board enforced its rules against blacks. [More]

Jesse's Riot Act, By Karina Rollins ,, November 18, 1999

And how did Jesse Jackson fight for black teenagers right to riot? By staging a riot of his own, of course:

DECATUR, Ill. — A standoff over the expulsion of six black students for fighting continued Sunday as the Rev. Jesse Jackson led a chanting group of about 2,000 people through the streets and threatened to stage mass civil disobedience.

Jackson told the crowd that he would visit the schools Tuesday morning to demonstrate and force authorities to arrest him. He asked how many would be willing to join him in jail, and hundreds of people raised their hands.

"On Tuesday morning, we're going to cross the line," he said. "If Dr. (Martin Luther) King could do it in Birmingham . . . and (Nelson) Mandela could do it in South Africa, we can do it in Decatur."

2,000 Protest Illinois Expulsions, Associated Press, November 15, 1999

Here’s how an Illinois court, responding to civil suit against the school board, described the brawl:

At the outset, this court wants to emphasize that the students in this case were involved in a violent fight in the stands at a high school football game. None of the students testified at trial and they have never denied their involvement in the fight. This court observed from the video-tape presented at trial that the fight involved many individuals raising havoc in the midst of a captive audience of football fans, which included parents, grandparents, teachers and children.

Because of the violent nature of the fight, a portion of which was captured on videotape, approximately one-half of the spectators in the bleachers scattered and left the stands to avoid confrontation and possible injury. It is undisputed that seven spectators, six students and one adult, filed accident reports at MacArthur High School following the incident.

These reports showed that a 15-year-old female student stated that people landed on her during the fight and when she got up to run she was kicked down by a person involved in the fight and heard her back pop. A 15-year-old male student complained that he was struck in the left cheek and suffered a contusion to his face.

In short, this court is not impressed with the students' position that because no knives or guns were used in the melee that it was not a significant fight. Just because no weapons other than fists and feet were used by the students does not mean that innocent bystanders were not harmed, frightened and forced to flee the stands to avoid serious injury.

Fuller v. DECATUR PUBLIC SCHOOL BD. OF EDUC., 78 F. Supp. 2d 812 (C.D. Ill. 2000)

U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois - 78 F. Supp. 2d 812 (C.D. Ill. 2000) January 11, 2000

One of the Decatur Seven (some sources call them the Decatur Six, and my list below has only six names) Turned His Life around—at your expense. Courtney Carson is now a Baptist minister, and an elected member of the school board that expelled him. [ From drugs and 'Decatur Seven,' Carson transformed to minister, mentor , by Jim Bowling, Decatur Herald & Review, December 4, 2016]

As a result of his reformation, we get to learn what he was like when he was expelled:

"I was always in with the wrong crowd and didn't know it," he said. Carson was "born into a gang lifestyle" and brought in officially at 7 years old. He dealt crack cocaine at 12 years old, about the same age he obtained his first gun. He fathered his first baby at 15 and another at 18.

"For my first couple years of high school, I really only went there to hustle (drugs)," Carson said. He started at Eisenhower, got kicked out and landed at Stephen Decatur High School. He missed hundreds of days of school, he said.

"I couldn't read or write," Carson said, laughing, "but I could count," a skill developed from selling crack and marijuana.

On the night of the fight, Sept. 17, 1999, he and several members of his "social organization" were looking for a former member who had switched to another gang, Carson recalled. They found him at the football game. When one of the members of the other gang punched a kid in the mouth, Carson punched his former gang member.

"That's when it all just broke out," Carson said. The brawl started on the track but spread from one end of a crowded visitors grandstand to the other.

Carson was under the impression that he'd been given a 10-day suspension with other students involved in the brawl. When he returned to school on the 11th day, he was told of his two-year expulsion, arrested for trespassing and taken to the Macon County Jail.

Member of Decatur Seven elected to school board that once expelled him, By Ted Gregory, Chicago Tribune, April 21, 2017 (Emphases added)

See also this earlier story, from 2004, about the same guy, while his recovery was in progress: Fight leads Decatur man to right path: 'Decatur Seven' member matures, by Valerie Wells, Decatur Herald & Review, June 7, 2004.

Carson’s story also made the New York Times’ horrifyingly successful Pulitzer bait series, “How Race Is Lived In America”7 Students Charged in a Brawl That Divides Decatur, Ill., By Dirk Johnson, November 10, 1999.

Maybe all they knew about these “kids” is that they were black, and that they were being expelled for a “fistfight”.

But let’s look at the details, as we now know them:

  • Expellee Carson was a drug dealer, and had been since he was 12.
  • He obtained his “first gun” when he was twelve—and this wasn’t the single shot .22 rifle that kids with fathers get at that age, this was an illegal pistol, illegal for him to own, illegal for him to carry. (Until recently there was no way for a law-abiding citizen, white or black, to get a carry permit in Illinois—which meant only a 12-year old black drug dealer could get one). [Civil Rights: Last Anti-Gun state falls,, July 11, 2013]
  • He was a member of a criminal drug gang, which the Chicago Tribune jokingly calls a "social organization".
  • This criminal organization went in a body to a school to commit physical violence against a defecting member, and brawl broke out that led to charges of charges of “felony mob action”—the same charge that would be made against a lynch mob, if it failed to kill anyone.

Obviously, if you let a guy like that back in school, it’s because you don’t care what happens to the other students.

Of course, now, having pulled up his pants and turned his life around, Courtney Carson is on the school board. Why?

Well, I have to assume that it’s because this guy, with his drugs, guns, and illegitimate children was the best one of the Decatur Seven.

Courtney Carson has thing and today, achieved a college degree and some success. Of course, his success is in the social welfare/ political sectors, but it’s an improvement over being a drug-dealing, gun-carrying gangster. I’ll take it.

But about the others? They were (ages in 1999) Roosevelt Fuller, 18; Gregory Howell, Terrence Jarrett, Errol Bond, all 17; and 16-year-old Shawn Honorable [1999: Expulsion issue broadens - Felony charges filed; release of video dismays prosecutor, by Brad Mudd, Ron Ingram & Tom Collins , Decatur Herald & Review, December 4, 2016]

Where are they now? Well, because I’m a professional stereotyper, my first thought was to check. Illinois’s Inmate Locator.

Four of them I couldn’t find—they may have gone straight, they may be dead, they may be in Federal custody, or they may be Deacons in a church somewhere.

But two of them are behind bars in Illinois.

  • Terrence Jarrett (IDOC# S11716) is a residential burglar who also got in trouble for carrying an illegal gun—illegal because felons aren’t allowed to have guns. Oh, and he’s in the Kewanee Life Skills Re-Entry Center, which I’m afraid means he’ll be out again soon.

  • Shawn J. Honorable (IDOC# S01737) has been either dealing drugs of in jail for most of the 21st At the moment, he’s doing 15 years for marijuana trafficking, after being caught with 6 ½ pounds of the stuff last year [2 arrested for sending marijuana through mail, WAND17, April 28, 2017]

This is not Shawn J. Honorable’s first trip to the state correctional institution. He may keep in touch with his old school—one of the sentences was for “18+ DEL SUB<18/PK/SCH/PUB HS” which is a code that means “A person over 18 years old, selling drugs to a person under 18 years old, in a park, a school, or public housing.”

These are the guys the Democratic Party (Hillary was death on school discipline during the 2016 campaign), the Left, and of course organized minority activists like the NAACP and Al Sharpton, want back in schools. [Hillary Clinton's plan to undo the school-to-prison pipeline, explained, By German Lopez, Vox, July 25, 2016]

A slightly more recent case, again nationally promoted by the MSM, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, was the Jena Six—six black football players who had colluded in an attempt to kick a single white student (pictured right) to death in small-town Louisiana:

Phrases like "stomped him badly," "stepped on his face," "knocked out cold on the ground," and "slammed his head on the concrete beam" were used by the students in their statements.

June 11, 2007: Documents give details about fight, TownTalk, February 9, 2008 covered that extensively. Wikipedia has a whole section on the subsequent activities of the Jena Six. Again, it’s a couple of graduations, and a lot of crime.

I wrote an article ten years ago called Civil Rights Law Doesn't Care If You Diebecause failing to “racially profile” can get people killed.

Well, the “School To Prison Pipeline” campaign shows that the Democrat Establishment doesn’t care if children and teachers die.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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