Shaun King: Punches "Could Be Fatal"—Can Zimmerman And Darren Wilson Have Their Lives Back?
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This is "Justice Writer" Shaun King of the NY Daily News, a "Black Lives Matter" fanatic who may not be actually black:

UPDATE: Tweet removed. Here's the picture:


You can click on the video to see the guy is resisting arrest, and the cops are punching him to try and get him in handcuffs. It's true that people do die from being punched, although if you're punched by police, they may take you the Emergency Room, whereas criminals will just leave you to die.

But does King now admit that George Zimmerman was using reasonable force against the "unarmed" Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon was sitting on Zimmerman's chest, using those "banned in the UFC" punches which could have killed him:

How about Mike Brown (6' 4", 292 lbs) reported to have punched the normal-sized policeman Darren Wilson?

Was that a lethal threat justifying self-defense because punches can kill?

In fact, neither Trayvon or Brown was actually shot because of their unarmed combat threat—both men were shot because they were trying to grab their victims' guns.

And no, Shaun King is not going to change his mind about self-defense against black criminals—the criminals are the only Black Lives that Matter.

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