The Fulford File | KUSA’s Rittiman Queried Tom Tancredo On And Border Patrol Corruption—Claims To Want Facts, Here Are Some (More)
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In a recent interview, KUSA Colorado interviewer Brandon Rittiman asks former Rep. Tom Tancredo (thinking of running for Governor of Colorado)

[W]hy he’s so vocal in his support of VDARE, a group that acts as a platform for white supremacists.

He disputes that characterization, so we went over a few headlines and quotes from VDARE’s website such as “Baylor Football’s Black Rape Culture” and “Saboteurs Even In The Border Patrol–Are They Hispanic?” and “Do We Need More Hispanics?” — a VDARE article that argues we don’t in part because “Hispanics who manage to stay in school do as poorly as blacks.” [Links very much added by me]

Balance of Power: Tancredo for governor?

By Brandon Rittiman, KUSA, September 17, 2017

(Tom, who is on the VDARE Foundation’s Board, has defended us against the cancellation of our Colorado Springs conference, a repression of debate that naturally doesn’t bother Rittiman at all).

Still, Rittiman [Email him] is more enterprising than most reporters—he actually read our site, doing a site search, he says in the interview, for words like “white” or “black.” Most reporters just copy and paste what the SPLC says—and SPLC never includes links to the originals.

The three articles Rittiman names, but doesn’t link to on the KUSA site are

Tom Tancredo, for his part, defends the right of Americans to write about race. For example, the question “Do we need more Hispanics?” is a big question for everyone involved in American politics, since the American government can choose which countries to immigrate to the US.

Rittiman is displeased by the fact that Jared Taylor wrote, ten years ago in contemplation of a previous amnesty that “Hispanics who manage to stay in school [I.E. not taking part in the “Hispanic dropout” phenomenon] do as poorly as blacks.”

But this is true—Jared’s next sentence is “The average black or Hispanic 12th-grader reads and does math at about the level of the average white 8th-grader.” This is footnoted to “US Dept. of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress, The Nation's Report Card (Washington, DC, Accessed June 20, 2006.) ”

Rittiman also thinks it’s wrong—and white supremacist—for Paul Kersey to talk about Baylor’s “Black Rape Culture”. Now the Baylor rape scandal is a big deal nationwide, and it’s been covered by Rittiman’s own KUSA-9News—something I found out using the same technique of searching his website. One story on says

A federal lawsuit filed against Baylor in January claims 31 football players at the school committed 52 acts of rape from 2011 to 2014, which is far more than had been previously disclosed by university officials. It alleges a culture in which female students were used to recruit football players with “an implied promise of sex,” and suggests coaches helped promote that culture.

Austin senator — a Baylor alum — takes aim at university sexual assault

By Sanya Mansoor, February 21, 2017

The only difference: KUSA doesn’t want to report the races involved and we dare to.

To give you an example of the “culture” involved, here are two quotes,

The final story that annoyed Rittiman, Federale’s Saboteurs Even In The Border Patrol–Are They Hispanic? , which he called “Open speculation!” twice, waving his paper and read out the part where Federale says
“So there is a small cadre of America hating agents in the management of the USBP, mostly a segment of the Hispanic presence in the USBP. Not to denigrate Hispanic USBP agents, but generally, those who oppose the USBP mission are Hispanic, women, Blacks, or homosexuals. And are also more likely to be corrupt…” [Link in original, which is important]
In spite of Rittiman insisting that there was no evidence in the story, Federale did link to his own BRB: The “Brown Run Border” And The Coming Enforcement Collapse, which details many specific cases of corrupt Hispanics in government service.

Tancredo asked Rittiman whether, if there was evidence of disproportionate Hispanic corruption, people could discuss it. But Rittiman dismissed this, saying there was no evidence.

Well, there is evidence of disproportionate Hispanic corruption on the Border Patrol. This is from a report by the Center For Investigative Reporting (a generally Left-wing outfit) on corruption at the border. Their report is online at

This is the list of corrupt people specifically in the Border Patrol. There are 52 of them—I put their names on a table below. 47 have obviously Hispanic names. I’ve boldfaced the 5 who are not Hispanic.

47 out of 52 is 90 per cent.

Of the five Anglo names above, one (Samuel McClaren) is black, and one (Union head TJ Bonner) had his charges, which related to union funds, not drugs or smuggling, dropped.

So there is a wildly disproportionate level of corruption among Hispanic officers in the Border Patrol.

Brandon Rittiman’s bio says “His broadcast journalism career also includes reporting and anchoring for KTVN (CBS) in Reno, NV, and KGNS-TV (NBC) in Laredo, Texas, where he regularly reported on the ongoing drug war on both sides of the US-Mexico border.” Rittiman should know this.

And of finally, the real point of Federale’s post was not that Hispanics on the Border Patrol are corrupt, but that they’re disloyal.  The LifeZette item he linked to reported that, according Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, some rogue agents were still practicing Obama-era “catch and release” tactics. [Exclusive: Few Rogue Border Agents Resist Trump Policies, by Brendan Kirby, Lifezette, February 17, 2017]

And the fact that Hispanic law enforcement officers may be unenthusiastic about Trump’s plan to enforce America’s immigration laws is not a “racist” conspiracy theory, it’s supported by Main Stream Media journalism, Latino activists, and Pew Center polling—see below:

Rittiman repeatedly uses the term “white supremacist” to describe and its writers. In fact, as we have repeatedly explained, we are a forum site and will publish anyone critical of America’s post-1965 immigration disaster. That certainly includes a few individuals who seek explicitly to defend whites, just as exactly as La Raza works for Latinos and the Anti-Defamation League works for Jews. As public policy drives whites into a minority, this sort of concern will inevitably increase. Do Rittiman and KUSA think that whites have no rights?

“White Supremacist” is clearly the Treason Term du jour, deliberately designed to shut down debate, disseminated by whatever Leftist co-ordinating mechanism has replaced the discredited listserve group Journolist. It’s an example of what John Derbyshire has called “abuse creep.” I recommend Derbyshire’s suggestion to MSM Narrative Enforcers like Rittiman: cut to the chase and start calling us “actual slave owners.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for


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