Taking the Verbal Offensive—“Assault Language” For Immigration Patriots
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The Treason Lobby dominates American public debate partly because it claims the moral high ground. Immigration patriots can cite statistics and rational arguments, but the accusation of “racism” always seems to trump reason. The solution: take the verbal offensive, stop trying to convince with logic people who aren’t arguing in good faith, confidently assert that mass immigration isn’t just stupid, but deeply immoral—and, indeed, laughable.

The Left deploys a constant volley of logic-piercing Pavlovian assault words: racist, hater, bigot, nativist, xenophobe, and so many more. They are designed to pollute the debate and keep patriots permanently on the defensive.

Immigration patriots must take the offensive. And that means using our own assault words and the tactics of ridicule and name-calling. We might feel initially uncomfortable with this: we are the heirs of Western culture and the tradition of civilized discourse. Unfortunately, given the current state of American society, this kind of language is the only way to break the evil spell our opponents have cast on the immigration debate. Only after we have done that can we have a reasonable discussion.

Besides, this isn’t a debate tournament. The stakes are too high. The future of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance. Whether they can even have a future hangs in the balance.

In fact, of course, our opponents have no real claim to moral superiority. Instead of morality, they are characterized by an abundant arrogance and an intransigent ignorance. Instead of knowledge, they offer belief.

Their particular dogma is that of human equality—and ironically this same belief in equality allows them to lord it over everyone else. Those who are most dedicated to egalitarianism seem the most eager to use the powers of the state against those “beneath” them. And mass immigration is simply their weapon of choice to deliberately wreck traditional society, so they can rebuild it in their image.

At the same time, these Masters of the Universe display a strange morbid guilt and self-hatred. Malcolm Muggeridge described it as “the great liberal death wish.”  The most obvious example is how the Left is welcoming the destruction of its own supposed values through mass immigration. For example, mass Islamic immigration into Europe is already displacing a culture of tolerance and rights for women and homosexuals that once defined the Western Left.

How do we explain this paradoxical combination of hubris and self-loathing? One possibility is that arrogance is as empty as it is intoxicating. In their pride, Leftists can never experience the humbling and yet life-sustaining loyalties of faith, kindred, and family. These, after all, are the affections of mere commoners, not the perfect universalistic faith of someone who considers themselves a citizen of the world. Leftists love mankind, but hate their own people—and themselves.

The perfect poster child of the liberal death wish was Pastor Jim Jones.  A pioneer multiculturalist, Jones was particularly characterized by a combination of megalomania and profound self-loathing. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his death wish to himself, prompting the infamous mass suicide of his entire congregation. And just as Jones forced his poisonous Kool-Aid on his congregation, Leftists push their social Kool-Aid on our entire societies.

How do we respond? As Leftist strategist Saul Alinsky pointed out, mockery is a powerful weapon against pomposity. So with that thought in mind, let’s consider some assault words.

Don’t feel limited by these suggestions. Feel free to make up words and of your own. It’s fun—and empowering.

Then inject the assault words into conversation and debate. Initially, people won’t understand them, but that’s simply an opportunity to provide an explanation.

Years of verbal bullying by P.C. opponents has sapped the confidence American patriots should have in the justice of their cause. Assault language will make it plain to the P.C. bullies—in words they won’t mistake—that the days of intimidation are over.

Wade Johnson [email him] is a long-time activist in the movement for patriotic immigration reform.

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