SPLC Escalates—Uses Agent Provocateur Against Southern Nationalists
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It's been said that you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Unfortunately, this isn't true if you are speaking for the historic American nation. If the people pushing white dispossession can't prove you are a “racist,” they will just make something up.

That's exactly what happened to pro-Southern protesters in Uvalda, GA. A small group of members of the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization modeled on the Italian Lega Nord, demonstrated against mass immigration and what they called the “replacement of the Southern people.” The group took care to make sure its message could not be misinterpreted, upholding a strict dress code, approving signs in advance, and encouraging participation from prominent figures, including the town's police chief, Lewis R. Smith.

This did not stop the Cultural Marxists at the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC to VDARE.com) from using their usual point-and-sputter tactics to try to derail the demonstration: League of the South to Protest “Southern Demographic Displacement” by Heidi Beirich, [Email her] August 21, 2013. In their usual conpiratorial way, they alerted the police chief that he was participating in a demonstration with people of whom the SPLC did not approve. When Chief Smith did not back down, they made him the center of their hit piece—even though his participation was limited to receiving an award and shaking hands with demonstrators.

Lewis R.  Smith

Lewis R. Smith receives the Robert E. Lee Award.

Photo Courtesy Of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Damningly, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that there were muttered racial slurs throughout the demonstration.

Now, however, it's been revealed that the only racial slurs that were muttered came from the author of the $PLC piece—a mole named Keegan Hankes. According to another demonstrator at the rally, Mr. Hankes expressed his fury about “spooks” and “n*****s” and his pleasure that Chief Smith had “taken care of them.” He also consistently brought up race in conversations, trying to bait other members.

The Southern Poverty Law Center made the fatal mistake of publishing Hankes' piece under his own name, before removing it and replacing it with “Hatewatch Staff.” See Georgia Police Chief Accepts Award from Extremists During Rally Against Latino Immigrants, Hatewatch Staff on August 27, 2013, and see the pre-redaction Archive.org version here.

"By Keegan Hanks"

By this point, members of the “Southern Nationalist Network” had already identified him and linked him to the protests. [SPLC provocateur Keegan Hankes attempted to stir racial hatred in Uvalda, SouthernNationalist.com, September 5, 2013]

What is significant here: not that the Southern Poverty Law Center has the finances and the fanaticism to dispatch moles to tiny demonstrations and meetings all over country—that’s nothing new.

What is significant is the outright fabrication of “hate speech” as a means to destroy peoples' lives. This is especially troubling considering that freedom of speech on critical issues about race, culture, and immigration is already outlawed throughout Europe. Attacks on the U.S. First Amendment in the name of preventing “hate” are not far behind.

Thus, for example, Cass Sunstein, once President Obama's Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote a paper arguing that the government agents should deliberately interfere with online discussions. [Conspiracy Theories, Cass R. Sunstein, and Adrian Vermeule, SSRN, January 15, 2008] Using the tactic of “cognitive infiltration,” Sunstein’s speech police could steer opinion away from “conspiracy theories” that don't meet state approval. This would include paying “independent” groups who work for the government but are not formally attached.

What Sunstein proposes, in effect, is to fight “conspiracy theories” with an actual conspiracy.

However, one “conspiracy theory” that is out in the open is the dispossession of the historic American nation, including traditional Southerners. This conspiracy has three elements, all of which could be seen in Uvalda. .

  • First: the rhetoric of multiculturalism and overt racial mobilization by non-whites.

For example, Spanish language newspapers in Georgia made sure to condemn the rally. And while the Southern Poverty Law Center was upset Police Chief Lewis Smith received an award from the League of the South, it had nothing negative to say about Mayor Paul Bridges receiving an award from the National Council of La Raza,—which proudly bears the totalitarian motto: “For those inside the race everything, for those outside the race, nothing.”

  • Second: the use of “conservative” and even Christian rhetoric as a cover for cheap labor.

For example, in unguarded moments Mayor Bridges defends illegal immigration explicitly because illegal aliens do not need i.e. get overtime, sick time, or other basic protections. This is now the mainstream, left-wing, “pro-worker” position. [ACLU Backed Paul Bridges Admits Why They Really Want Illegal Immigration, YouTube, June 20, 2011]

However, when the Main Stream Media covers the issue, there are tear-jerking appeals to broken families and Christian rhetoric. Thus a fawning CNN profile of Mayor Bridges highlights his glass paperweight with a Bible Verse, “given to him by an immigrant family for Christmas” and tosses around slogans about “being mayor for everybody.” [Republican Mayor in the South becomes unlikely advocate for immigrants by Catherine Shoichet, CNN, June 29, 2011]

"Everybody" except, of course, actual Americans.

  • Third, and most critical: the active suppression of Americans.

Here, the League of the South has accurately identified what is at stake. Southerners (and Americans generally) are being “replaced”—deliberately and consciously. The League's August 24 demonstration was notable for its focus on the theme of Southern dispossession. Generally, Southern Nationalism is re-orienting towards a position of demographic self-defense, rather than the kind of vague abstract rhetoric of “limited government” that is the hallmark of the failures , conmen and corporate lobbyists who make up Conservatism Inc.

Symbolically, the League of the South has even unveiled a new flag: the Southern Nationalist flag, which flew at the Uvalda demonstration:

Southern Nationalist Flag

However, much of the U.S. ruling class, and powerful enforcers such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, have decreed that ordinary Americans simply do not have the right to protest that dispossession—in the extraordinarily blatant words of MSNBC president Phil Griffin, justifying his firing of Patrick J. Buchanan, such ideas “are not appropriate for the national dialogue.” . And these enforcers work directly with government organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security and local police departments.

For now, groups like the $PLC and the Anti-Defamation League rely mostly on intimidation and economic weapons to discourage political dissent. However, the Uvalda agent provocateur incident might represent a milestone. The System has now shown its willingness to frame patriotic immigration activists in the eyes of the MSM. It's not too much to imagine that they will be willing to frame activists in the eyes of the law.

America is not quite totalitarian, but it's not really free either. It is in a state of transition, where official disapproval of dissenting views on immigration and multiculturalism are slowly hardening into outright prohibition, backed by spies, agent provocateurs like Keegan Davis, and ultimately, force.

And what the League of the South understands, and Conservatism Inc. does not: this ideological battle is ultimately not about replacing one set of ideas with another.

It's about replacing one people with another.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] travels around the United States looking for a waiter who can speak English.

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