Soren Dayton's Guilt-By-Association Attack On Patriotism In The DAILY CALLER
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Soren Dayton [Message him on Twitter] describes himself in his Twitter Profile as "Prism Public Affairs, Republican political operative, blogger, husband, cook. All opinions my own." Actually, his opinions aren't his own—they're extremely derivative.

His guilt-by-association attack on immigration restriction in the Daily Caller today, Opinion: Leaders of anti-immigration groups aren’t exactly conservative , is based on material from

The REAL Christians turn out to be Southern Baptist Dr. Richard Land and the Evangelical Immigration Table, a Treason Lobby group on the Religious Left. For some reason he doesn't directly quote the Southern Poverty Law Center, but of course he doesn't have to—Human Life Review and the New York Times do it for him.

It's the usual garbage about immigration restrictionists being abortionists, eugenicists, and so on, repeatedly debunked here on It includes an attack on Dr. John Tanton, a great patriot whom even some mainstream restrictionists seem unwilling to defend from the PC enforcers. See The Tale Of John Tanton: CIS' Krikorian, Kammer Make Fatal Concessions To SPLC.

Of course the patriotic immigration restriction movement includes many political strands. Since immigration restriction is supported, in principle, by over 70 percent of Americans, it would be hard to confine its enthusiasts to members of one political party, since neither party can command more than fifty percent.

In a piece called Communism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Democratic Hegemonists, Crony Capitalism, Ethnic Agendas, Treason Etc.—The “Ugly Roots” Of Immigration Enthusiasm, I pointed out that immigration enthusiast side, to which Dayton belongs, had a number of evil associations themselves—also from both sides of the left/right divide.

Dayton starts his column with an experience of his own:

In 2007, I met a field organizer who had worked against immigration reform.[Not named in the article.] He was not who you might imagine. His background was in the labor and environmental movements that so many conservatives deplore... Even though the activist was working for an immigration restrictionist group[also unnamed] that many people instinctively think of as “conservative,” the truth is that he, like many other immigration opponents, was not conservative. He was a union-promoting environmentalist, [emphasis added] just like many of the figures involved in the formation and funding of groups that will voice strong opposition to the new immigration reform bill this week by claiming, inaccurately, that it is not “conservative” enough.

Here Dayton is using the Cultural Marxists of the New York Times, and Mario H. Lopez's ethnic agenda (masked as religious) in the name of crony capitalism—it someone is a "union-promoting environmentalist", he must care more about American workers, American air, American land, and American water than he does about the profits of American corporations.

American corporations such as, to take a non-random example, the clients of Prism Public Affairs, where Dayton [Email him] is a Senior Vice-President.

The client list of Prism includes


And no doubt many others. The "Confidential Federal Contractor", by the way, is one Prism is not prepared to name:

As the war with Iraq proceeded, a large federal contractor began to face mounting challenges – federal investigations, congressional hearings and an onslaught of negative news coverage. The intense scrutiny played out on the national political stage, threatening the company’s business success, its reputation and especially its relationships with federal customers...


But the other two profit directly from immigration—Freddie Mac marketed low-downpayment or no-downpayment loans to minorities (including illegals!) which helped case the Minority Mortgage Meltdown. The "Coalition for Sensible Housing Policy" is fighting a requirement for 20 percent downpayments—so they can cause another Minority Mortgage Meltdown.

Of course, the guilt-by-association thing is so easy, that I can, using the same techniques, prove that Dayton himself is a RACIST!!!!!

He was suspended from the McCain campaign in 2008, for tweeting what is now known as a "racially-charged" video.

Look! That man Tweeted a racially charged video!

Arizona Sen. John McCain's campaign today suspended Soren Dayton, a low-level aide in the political department, after he forwarded an inflammatory anti-Obama YouTube video mashup to his private Twitter feed.

Dayton, a D.C.-based political consultant who wrote the popular Iowa-centric blog Eyeon08 until joining the McCain campaign in January, sent a feed — known as a "tweet" — to his private Twitter blog account at 12:31 p.m. saying "Good video on Obama and Wright," and providing a link to the video "Is Obama Wright? - Pastor Jeremiah Wright & Senator Barack".

McCain Aide Suspended Over Video Forward, By Garance Franke-Ruta, Washington Post, March 20, 2008

By the standards Mr. Dayton is applying to the immigration restriction movement, this act of racial bigotry—pointing out that a black Presidential candidate spent twenty years as the parishioner of a black preacher who hates both America and white people—should guarantee that no one should ever

a) Publish an op-ed by Mr. Dayton

b) Hire Prism Public Affairs

In fact, the Reverend Wright was perfectly fair issue to ask Obama about—that’s why Journolist conspired to cover it up for so long. And it’s not Dayton’s fault that McCain suspended him. How should a “low-level aide” know that McCain was planning to throw the election?

But I assure you it’s no more unreasonable than the things Dayton is op-edding about, for whatever reason.

And by “whatever reason,” I mean whatever confidential client he or his firm may have. However much people like Dayton may whine and complain about the “formation and funding” of patriotic immigration reform groups, there’s no comparison with the huge amounts of money available from the coffers of the Big Businesses that profit from cheap labor.

That's the real "guilt-by-association" investigation that needs to be done by the press—associations like the Business Round Table, the US Chamber Of Commerce, and all the billionaires who fund the Treason Lobby Gravy Train.

When are the SPLC and the Daily Caller going to investigate them?

James Fulford [email him] is a writer and editor for

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