A Reader Notes That American Workers Experiencing A Slight "Renaissance" In Tennessee
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April 11, 2013, 03:13 AM
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Re:John Derbyshire On The Babes Of AMERICAN RENAISSANCE

From: An Anonymous American Renaissance Attendee [Email him]?

John Derbyshire noted the attractiveness of many of the female attendees at the American Renaissance conference. I noticed the same thing.

But I also noticed the women who made the beds and served in the dining room at the conference facility, which is a in State Park in Tennessee. Not that they were stunningly gorgeous, particularly, but that they were Americans. Most of them white Americans. (Maintenance men, too!)

That is something you won`t see at the Crystal City Marriott, or any of the hotels in Charlotte, NC that wouldn`t host American Renaissance.  It answers a question that Derb himself posed when he visited Russia in 2011 and noted in Takimag  the "near-total absence of non-Russians."

"Even—good grief!—the lady who cleans our hotel room is Russian..... Where in the Anglosphere nowadays would you have your hotel room cleaned by a native of that country?"

Answer: in rural Tennessee.