A Reader Notes That American Workers Experiencing A Slight "Renaissance" In Tennessee
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Re:John Derbyshire On The Babes Of AMERICAN RENAISSANCE

From: An Anonymous American Renaissance Attendee [Email him]?

John Derbyshire noted the attractiveness of many of the female attendees at the American Renaissance conference. I noticed the same thing.

But I also noticed the women who made the beds and served in the dining room at the conference facility, which is a in State Park in Tennessee. Not that they were stunningly gorgeous, particularly, but that they were Americans. Most of them white Americans. (Maintenance men, too!)

That is something you won't see at the Crystal City Marriott, or any of the hotels in Charlotte, NC that wouldn't host American Renaissance.  It answers a question that Derb himself posed when he visited Russia in 2011 and noted in Takimag  the "near-total absence of non-Russians."

"Even—good grief!—the lady who cleans our hotel room is Russian..... Where in the Anglosphere nowadays would you have your hotel room cleaned by a native of that country?"

Answer: in rural Tennessee.

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