SAID IN SPANISH [5 Items]: “Migrants,” Treason Lobby Unhappy With Traitor Joe’s SOTU; Biden To Telemundo—No Mass Deportations!; AMLO—Thank Mexican Patriotic, Family Values For Remittances (But They’re Not Always Spent As Planned); ETC.
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SOTU Didn’t Offer Enough Treason For Treason Lobby

Traitor Joe Biden boasted about his administration’s border policy during his State of the Union speech on February 7.  [Biden Spins the Border Situation in State of the Union, by Allan Wall, Border Hawk, February 10, 2023].

Meanwhile, the Illegal Alien Lobby thinks the Biden administration hasn't let in enough illegals !

Here’s a report from a Treason Lobby megaphone, Spanish-language media outlet Telemundo:

In one of the issues that most divides the country, Latinos lamented the lack of forcefulness of President Joe Biden, in speaking about immigration and the crisis on the southern border.

[Biden se dirige a la nación en un momento decisivo para su futuro político (“Biden addresses the nation in a decisive moment for his political future”), Noticias Telemundo, February 7, 2023. (All translations mine)]

In other words: Biden hasn’t opened the borders enough, despite releasing around half of apprehended illegals.

“I think that he fell very short,” said Rep. Norma Torres (D.-CA). Born in Guatemala, Torres rates an F- rating from Numbers USA. She delivered the usual boilerplate:

We need him to do more. We need a status not only for the DREAMers, but for all the persons who work and pay their taxes, to move out of the darkness.

Telemundo even interviewed illegal aliens who watched Biden in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas. The network introduced them by noting that “Biden dedicated about a minute to the situation of thousands of persons like them who are crossing the border of Mexico with the United States.”

Like Torres, the illegals think Biden must do more. Said a Venezuelan who Telemundo described as being “stuck in Mexico”:

We were really hoping that he would say more in favor of us or that he would realize the problem that we have, and that he would give us hope for the problems presented by the app that is supposedly helping us cross.

Cry me a river! The Biden Regime set up an app to help import the illegals—and they’re still not satisfied.

These ingrates are hard to please.


Biden Reassures Telemundo—No Mass Deportations

The day after the State of the Union, the Washington Post reported that the regime was considering mass expedited removals of non-Mexicans to Mexico [Biden weighs border deal that would deport non-Mexicans to Mexico, by Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Kevin Sieff, February 8, 2023].

But the very next day, “an administration official” denied it to CNN, and then Biden himself confirmed the denial in an interview with Telemundo anchorman Julio Vaqueiro, himself a Mexican immigrant.   The interview was in English and subtitled in Spanish on Telemundo

Here’s part of the conversation with Vaqueiro in Tampa, Florida:

Vaqueiro: Today in The Washington Post they say that your Administration has been negotiating to massively deport non-Mexican immigrants to Mexico. Now, [the Department of Homeland Security] has denied these claims but have you been having this conversation sir?

Biden: No.

Vaqueiro: So that report is completely wrong?

Biden: What you just said is completely wrong. Yes.

So the “migrants” needn’t worry. Biden isn’t planning to deport them. The Historic American Nation, though, probably should worry. Biden and the Treason Lobby aren’t backing off of the Great Replacement.


AMLO: Muchas Gracias For The Remittances!

Remittances are one of the biggest sources of income for Mexico, and provide a major incentive for government officials to promote mass emigration to the United States. On February 1, Banco de Mexico released its remittance total for 2022, almost all of it from the United States: $58.5 billion, a 13.4 percent increase over the previous year [Banco de México Reporte Analítico Ingresos y Egresos por Remesas, diciembre de 2022 (“Bank of Mexico, Analytical Report of Remittances Inflows and Outflows as of December of 2022”), Banco de México, February 1, 2023].

The total for December alone was $5.35 billion.

The next day in his morning presser, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was crowing about it, even if he did get some of the figures wrong:

I want to take advantage of this occasion to reiterate my appreciation to our migrant brethren, to our paisanos [fellow countrymen], because yesterday the amount of remittances in December was announced and we closed the year in remittances… 58,897,000,000 dollars, 13% more than last year.

Many thanks, paisanos, many thanks.

[Conferencia de prensa del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador del 2 de febrero de 2023 (“Press Conference of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the 2 of February, 2023”), February 2, 2023]

And, AMLO bragged, Mexico is one of the top recipients of foreign remittances on the planet:

We are in second place in reception of remittances, we were in third place. It was India, China and Mexico, and now it is India, Mexico and China.

And after all, AMLO observed, India and China have much bigger populations, over a billion each, but Mexico, with only 126 million people, is still near the top in remittance totals.

AMLO extolled the benefits of remittances to Mexicans living in Mexico.

“This goes to the neediest people, it goes down to 10 million Mexican families,” he said before rhapsodizing about Mexican solidarity and exceptionalism:

These are the Mexican values, our cultures. Notice that those who go [abroad] for necessity to seek a living do not forget their families, nor their country. [In fact, some do forget their familieswives and families abandoned by migrants are common south of the border. It does not occur, I say with all respect, with other peoples.  Mexican solidarity is unique. It is a fraternal, loving people. It has to do with our cultures, with the deep roots of Mexico, of our millennial cultures, that’s where our solidarity comes from. 

But if Mexico is such a happy, wonderful country full of such happy, wonderful people, why encourage them to leave? Certainly such happy, wonderful people could work just as hard and be just as happy… at home… where they belong!


Remittance Heartache: Mother Defrauds Son

Yet all those happy, wonderful Mexicans don’t always spend the remittances the way the remitting Mexicans here want.

A Mexican immigrant recently revealed that his own mother misused the money he sent:

“With the hope of fulfilling the so-called ’American Dream’ a young man went to the United States to work to improve his life and construct a patrimony. Nevertheless, the story didn’t turn out as he had planned due to deception on the part of his mother,” Milenio reported [Migrante mexicano se entera que su mamá ‘regaló’ el dinero que le enviaba desde EU a su hermano: “qué triste” (“Mexican migrant discovers that his mama ’gave’ the money he sent from the U.S. to his brother: ’how sad’”), January 26, 2023].

Immigrant Hector Ramirez told his tale of woe on TikTok in a video that went viral:

Hector sent 100,000 pesos to his mother with instructions that she use it to begin constructing what would be the young man’s house. Nevertheless he found out that his mother had loaned 70,000 pesos to her other son so that he could buy a car and although he assured her he would pay it back, the young migrant doubts that.

“I’m sad because I sent 100,000 to my town to begin making my house and my mama loaned 70,000 to my brother to buy a car (and when he goes north he’d pay me).”

Granted, 100,000 pesos isn’t a fortune for many, but it clearly means a lot to the hard-working 28-year-old. In US dollar terms, Ramirez sent almost $5,400, about $3,600 of which went to his 45-year-old brother.

Comments in the video reveal that hundreds of other migrants have similar stories.

“Just give blessings to your mama and brother, tell them goodbye and cut ties because their love is Western Union,” one commenter said.


Colombian In Mexico Trapped Between Two Cars On Derailed Train

Colombian Jose Wilmer Suarez Hernandez, 35, was on a train passing through Mexico to the United States and wasn’t far from the border when his travel plans, you might say, jumped the tracks.

In “Ramos Arizpe, four train cars, property of the Ferromex company which were transporting corn, derailed upon arrival to… Tortuga,” reported Isabel Ampudia of El Siglo de Torreón [Se descarrila tren en Ramos Arizpe; un migrante resultó lesionado (“Train derails in Ramoz Arizpe; migrant injured”), December 1, 2022]:

Three migrants were traveling between the cars. Two of them were unharmed, but a third wasn’t so lucky and was trapped between the cars. …

Personnel of the Ferromex company arrived immediately, who with the help of a cutting torch team managed to free him from the twisted iron. He [Wilmer] was examined onsite by paramedics of the Ramos Arizpe fire department.

Wilmer landed in the hospital with a broken leg. It could have been much worse.


American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan‘s wife is from Mexico and is now a U.S. citizen, their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his Border Hawk blog archive is here, his website is here.

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