Progress! Government Executive Magazine Diagnoses EOIR, (But Prescribes Wrongly)
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The latest issue of Government Executive magazine has an interesting story that come astonishingly close to the truth about the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Immigration Court system ("Agencies struggle to get a handle on illegal immigrants," by Brian Friel, April 14, 2006.)

That rarely-spoken (except by VDARE.COM) truth: the EOIR is a complete waste of government resources and it just doesn't work anyway.

Amazingly, Friel's story breaks the mainstream media's radio silence by actually mentioning the EOIR by name.

Parts of Friel's story read like a Juan Mann column, if I do say so myself:

"Appellate courts now take an average of more than two years to hear and decide an immigration case.  And that's after months of legal wrangling within Homeland Security and Justice.  As the process drags on, a detained illegal alien whose only crime is an immigration violation is increasingly likely to be released, because detention centers need to house hard-core criminals and repeat offenders.

"Immigrants and their lawyers know all of this. Many advocates for tougher enforcement want a swifter process that would allow fewer illegals to disappear into the woodwork. 'Only in immigration do you see a benefit of delay, of remaining in the system,' said Michael Hethmon, general counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute."

But alas, even though all of the facts are there about this completely ridiculous litigation-based system—which will NEVER work to, you know, remove illegal aliens and criminal alien residents anytime soon—Friel comes to the entirely wrong conclusion:

"One basic fact is that the government will need more judges and lawyers and agents if it wants to force more illegal aliens out of this country quickly. Another is that the government will have to hire more judges and lawyers and agents if it wants to give more illegal aliens the chance to make their case to stay."

NO!!!!!!!!!!  America needs less, not more immigration litigation.

The GovExec article put a lot of the facts on the table. But these folks need to re-read my Absolutely Definitive Essay on the need to abolish the EOIR litigation mess entirely.

Suggest it to Friel.

Let's go through this again:

If we ever have any hope for getting control of the illegal immigration invasion—not to mention keeping up with the staggering criminal activity of our so-called "lawful" permanent resident aliens [LPRs] by actually removing them upon conviction—the EOIR must be scrapped.

In its place, we must have summary removal by federal officers.

You read it first (and repeatedly) on VDARE.COM…but tomorrow in the MSM!

Juan Mann [email him] is an attorney and the proprietor of He writes a weekly column for and contributes to Michelle Malkin's Immigration BLOG. 

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