No Jobs For Labor Day In ROMNEY'S America, Either?
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Last year at this time, my column was called No  Jobs For Labor Day In Obama's America.  It looks like disenchanted majority voters will ensure Obama won't be President for another four years.

The question we need to ask is "Will Romney be any better?" Will there be any jobs in Romney's America?  In his convention speech, Romney was saying he'd produce, magically, 12 million jobs. [Romney: America needs jobs, lots of jobs By David Espo and Robert Furlow August 31, 2012 6:55 am]

In fact, America already has "jobs, lots of jobs"—what it has is too many foreign workers, legal and illegal. Is Romney willing to remove some of the  millions of illegal workers? Probably not. That would be racist.

How about cutting legal immigration? Is Romney willing to do that? Probably not. That would be bad for business. 

There is still one hope—in spite of Obama's unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty, immigration policy is based on laws made by Congress. If Congress could feel the heat enough to pass a moratorium, Romney, despite his faults, won't do anything unconstitutional to stop it.

That, rather than either Presidential candidate, is  the hope for American workers. 

Happy Labor Day!—those of you who still have jobs.

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