Romney And Big Business: Herein Lies The Problem
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Inadvertently the Washington Times exposed the most significant problem with immigration and customs law enforcement, and, by implication Mitt Romney: the dichotomy of the mission—facilitating lawful entry and exit of persons and goods, while enforcing 400 odd Federal laws.

Customs Not Playing Hide-And-Seek With Carry-On Contraband

Agents On Front Line Against Disease, Disaster

“We enforce more than 400 federal, state and local laws,” said CBP supervisor Christopher Downing. “We keep the economy flowing. That’s pretty much who we are.”

The Washington Times  May 17, 2012 by Meredith Somers

There we have it, in two sentences: the problem we face even if the Obama Regime is removed and Romney takes the Helm of the Ship of State.  He is all about business and the bottom line in business is all about the Benjamins, filthy lucre.  Business knows no loyalty even to the free enterprise system, just as the Reds at Google and Facebook show. 

The question is where does Romney fall?  He certainly has a more respectable and conservative personal life; one wife, five children, grandchildren galore.  That does tell us something in comparison to the Pirates of Silicon Valley who don't marry, don't have kids and like Zuckerberg have an alien live-in girlfriend .

 Zuckerberg, of course, was alienated himself from America—as evidenced by his politics and his hatred for the WASP elite.  Romney is in a different universe from these Captains of Industry, or at least of Made-in-China industry. 

But Romney has his own issues.  Raiding and shutting down companies that were making a profit, just a profit not big enough for Bain Capital.  One has to say that is just business, but was it really necessary?  Sometimes the Bain companies got turned around.  But it does tell us that the profit motive trumps everything.  And there, as the Bard says, is the rub. 

And for immigration patriots there might be a problem.  Romney will undoubtedly flood the country with so-called skilled workers, a flood of L-1 and H-1Bs competing with Americans, as well as B-1s working illegally.  This does not even include his idea of giving every alien who graduates with a STEM degree a green card.  There will be a war out there, with employers replacing every skilled white worker with an alien of some sort.

And what does Romney do when an E-Verify law starts hitting the illegal alien employers hard?  Will he resist their pressure?  I don't think so.  And I don't see Mittens acting on real welfare refom to force unemployed blacks into the labor market to replace the upcoming shortage of illegal alien workers at Chipotle and The French Gourmet.  Mau-mauing Mitt will be a full time sport for the MSM and the Justice Brothers.  And as we see from the recent Jerimiah Wright kerfuffle, he just can't stand up to pressure, even when standing up is in his own interest.

We got a problem, people.  A real problem.

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