No Jobs For Labor Day In Obama's America
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The recent jobs report shows zero jobs created, net in August.  

California, the most immigration-affected state in the country, has record low employment, especially for women.

Black unemployment is staggeringly high. Partly because blacks are less employable on average, partly because of the "shrinking public sector"—Federal, state and local governments all hire a lot of African-Americans, and all American governments are running out of money.

And the US Armed Forces, traditionally considered the employer of last resort, is making harder to get in (higher standards, no waivers for criminal records) or stay in—enlisted personnel are being let go if they're not promoted, owing to a hardening of the "up or out rules."This will have a disparate impact, and tend to make the Armed Forces whiter than they already are.

So, Happy Labor Day! (Assuming you still have a job.)

Many of the people who do have jobs are immigrants, and employers are complaining that they don't have enough immigrants to do their cheap labor jobs.

And meanwhile immigrants are pouring in, a million a year or more legal immigrants, and an unknown number of illegals.

And it seems that no one is talking about an immigration moratorium but us. (And David Frum, believe it or not.) It's hard enough to get Republican candidates to talk about enforcing the law against illegal immigration, and the idea of restricting legal immigration provokes strong negative reactions from neoconservatives.

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