Memo From Middle America | Mexican Meddlers Eager To Boost Obamnesty—With Birth Certificate Vending Machines At Mexican Consulates!
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I write from Mexico, where my family and I are visiting for about a month. Of course, I try to keep up with the latest on the Amnesty debate in the US. And, of course, that's being covered here in Mexico. Guess what, Mexicans support amnesty, so it must be good for the United States, right?

Being here in Mexico while this is going on brings back memories. As longtime readers of VDARE.COM know, it was my experience living in Mexico for many years that helped transform me into an American immigration patriot. (See my article THE EDUCATION OF A GRINGO IN MEXICO, Or How Living in Mexico Helped Transform Me Into A VDARE.COM Contributor. )

The Mexican media and political class keep close tabs on U.S. immigration legislation—closer tabs than most Americans do. And of course Eduardo Medina-Mora, Mexico's ambassador in Washington, is particularly on top of things:

"The Ambassador of Mexico in the United States, Eduardo Medina Mora, praised the migratory reform Project being discussed in the U.S. Senate.” Embajador de México en EU alaba avance en reforma migratoria, [By Angel Villarino,, June 12th, 2013 ]
The ambassador prefaced his remark with a typical disclaimer - "The government of Mexico admits that the migratory reform in the United States is a domestic issue..." (Mexican diplomats say that when they're about to meddle) - but we cannot fail to recognize its deep impact."

The ambassador continued "The possibility that this reform is passed is a reminder of the best traditions that have made this country great." Actually, this reform is in the tradition of things that are destroying our nation.

Medina Mora's comments were made at an American Enterprise Institute symposium on June 12th—the same day the Senate voted to begin deliberations on S. 744. He was the keynote speaker at the symposium ludicrously entitled "Where is Mexico Headed?"

Where is Mexico headed? To the United States, obviously—in droves.

And the Villarino article included this equally ludicrous comment:

While other governments such as South Korea or China have lobbied to support migratory reform, Mexico (the country with the most migrants in the United States) has preferred to maintain itself at the margin.
Mexico at the margin of the immigration debate? Baloney! Mexico is already well-established in the United States with its 50 consulates and its flagrant meddling in our internal affairs apparently isn't an issue. (When was the last time you heard a GOP politician complain about it?)

Meanwhile, back in Mexico the Mexican Congress is also working on S. 744. Recently, Mexican congressman Miguel Alonso Raya [Twitter] presented a statement to the Comisión Permanente [Permanent Commission] of the Mexican Congress. (The Comisión Permanente is a sort of mini-Congress with 37 members, which is in session during congressional recesses.)

Raya’s memo was actually an exhortation telling the Mexican executive branch to "prepare to an unprecedented demand for documents on the part of Mexican migrants resulting from the approval of a migratory reform in the United States” and to "coordinate with the state governments, the chief of the Federal District and the municipal governments to respond to such a demand of documentation over nationality, identity and civil state." (This would include Mexican citizenship, birth and civil state documents).

In other words, this congressman wants the Mexican government to get ready to help Mexican illegal aliens to be legalized under S. 744.

Ayala pointed out, in fact, that there already is a demand for such documents, and as the Amnesty progresses and the Treason Lobby keeps getting people's hopes up, the demand is going to be unprecedented. (Diputados piden a México prepararse ante reforma migratoria en Estados Unidos, El Semanario, June 10, 2013

Another, more famous, member of the Mexican Congress, Amalia Garcia, (who has served as Governor of Zacatecas, leader of her PRD party, congresswoman, senator, and is currently  a congresswoman again) is thinking along the same lines. As reported on an official website of the Mexican Congress:

The congresswoman Amalia Garcia Medina (PRD) urged the federal government to créate a special fund with public resources to support the 6.5 million Mexicans who seek to legalize their stay in the United States, if migratory reform is approved this year.

Urge Amalia García al Ejecutivo a crear fondo especial de apoyo a 6.5 millones de mexicanos que legalizarán su estancia en EU si aprueban reforma migratoria,  Nota N°. 3294,  Camara de Diputados, 11-06-2013

Congresswoman Garcia is chairwoman of the congressional Migratory Affairs committee. Obviously, a Mexican congressional Migratory Affairs committee has to deal with U.S. immigration legislation, right?

In what may truly be a Mexican technological innovation, Amalia Garcia calls for the installation of birth certificate vending machines [“máquinas expendedoras”] in Mexican consulates in the U.S.Mexican Vending Machine

As reported in the Mexican congressional bulletin:

"In a press conference, she explained that vending machines for unfalsifiable birth certificates be installed in the 50 Mexican consulates in the United States, as they already exist in some states of the country."
And get this, since there is (supposedly) an English-language requirement for legalization, Congresswoman Garcia reports that Mexicans in the United States have asked the Mexican government to provide English teachers!

Amalia Garcia is very interested in our immigration policies:

"The PRD representative commented that some days ago she visited Washington with a committee of legislators from Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, where she met with Hispanic leaders, academics, [U.S.[ congressmen and [U.S.] government functionaries."
Remember in a recent article I reported that it´s not just Mexicans, but also Central American governments are meddling in our affairs?

So not only are Mexico and other countries meddling in our immigration legislation (with the aid of some U.S. representatives and Hispanic activists) but if Amnesty is actually passed, the meddling will increase. Mexico will "help" the Obama Administration speed along the paperwork.

Hmm, do you suppose that the Mexican government would ever tell us "No, don't legalize that guy—he doesn't have the proper paperwork?"

And this meddling will never end. Mexico reformed its citizenship rules in 1997  so that Mexican immigrants who take U.S. citizenship, and their U.S. born children, can retain Mexican citizenship. This fits in with the general Mexican viewpoint that people in the U.S. of Mexican ancestry are essentially Mexicans, regardless of citizenship. As then-Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo told   Mexican-American politicians in Texas back in 1995: “You're Mexicans—Mexicans who live north of the border." Zedillo specifically said he wanted to “create an ethnic lobby with political influence similar to that of American Jews.” [Mexico Woos U.S. Mexicans, Proposing Dual Nationality, By Sam Dillon, NYT, December 10, 1995]

Well, we can’t say Mexico didn’t tell us.

Millions of Americans, sadly, are completely clueless about what is happening to the United States.

But Mexican politicians certainly aren't. They're all for Amnesty—and eager to do their part to maximize its impact.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual.  In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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