Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Don't Expect "Hispanic Family Values" To Counter Gay Agenda
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In the United States, "gay marriage" is now the law of the land in 6 states. Just last month, New York legalized it. As usual, the Republicans, who control the New York Senate, caved and made it all possible. In 31 American states, gay marriage has been voted down in referendums; not once has it prevailed. Yet it just doesn't seem to matter as the "gay marriage" movement bulldozes forward.

No doubt some readers will approve. But Conservatives and Christians (I am both) do not. Some have looked hopefully south of the border. After all, aren't Mexicans socially conservative? Wouldn't more Hispanic voters help Americans fight this sort of thing?

Don't count on it. Most Latino voters are more likely to vote for a political party providing them with benefits than to vote for a party on moral principles.

Besides—as Steve Sailer recently noted—the gay movement is already very strong in Mexico, and getting stronger.

Mexico City now has "gay marriage". And it's been approved by the Mexican Supreme Court, which declared that all 31 states in Mexico must recognize same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City (the Federal District). That means that legally, same-sex "marriage" is actually on a stronger footing in Mexico than in the U.S. (For now—liberal judges in the U.S. will no doubt eventually claim that the U.S. Constitution's Article IV, Section I, the "Full Faith and Credit clause", requires all states to accept some states' "gay marriage" laws.)

There's already been plenty of gay agenda brainwashing in Mexico. When I was teaching there some years ago, a group of students asked me my views on the topic. (They brought it up, not me). When I said I didn't believe in "gay marriage", a student declared that I was "homophobic".

Of course, this is the term invented to silence critics of the gay agenda. To be called a "homophobe", you don't have to do anything harmful to a real live homosexual. All you have to do is criticize the gay agenda, or even question it, and you will be called "homophobic". You might eventually be charged with a "hate crime"— already, in Mitt Romney's Massachusetts in 2005, David Parker was arrested because he went to his 6-year old son's school to complain about homosexual indoctrination.

We're used to this in the U.S. But my classroom was in Mexico.

I have now moved back to the U.S., but we still visit Mexico frequently. In fact, at the time of this writing, I'm in Mexico on a summer visit.

That's how I wound up seeing my first Gay Pride Parade and Festival—"Marcha Orgullo Gay" in Spanish. In fact, it was the big, 33rd annual Marcha Orgullo Gay of Mexico City.

We hadn't set out to see a Gay Pride event. My wife and I, with our two young sons (ages 11 going on 12 and 8 going on 9) were just doing some sightseeing. We were inside a famous building in Mexico City. My wife and sons were in the gift shop, and I was by the window when I saw the Marcha Orgullo Gay pass by.

What can I say? I was rather disgusted. But that's the whole idea, right? To shock and offend middle-class sensibilities.

So that our sons wouldn't be subjected to it, my wife and I decided to get on the subway and to visit an archaeological site. And so we did.

After visiting the archaeological site, we returned to the same subway station and ascended to street level. The parade had ended, but the festival was still going on and plenty of participants, in their distinctive garb, were all over the area. After looking at some old buildings, we decided to return to our hotel.

The route we chose went through a park, which, we soon discovered, was the site of the post-parade gay festival. So we encountered plenty more in-your-face gay and transgender characters, probably including (but not limited to) transvestites, transsexuals, and who knows who else. Soon we were walking right through it.

I was with our 11-year old, and my wife with our 8 year old when she was harassed by a transvestite (or some kind of transgender person). The transvestite taunted her (in Spanish) "I'm very beautiful. Of course you look horrible. But you'll see. When your son grows up, he's going to be like me."

But, again, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Shocking us middle-class family types.

Importing more Mexicans is not going to impede the Gay Agenda in the U.S. Not that all Mexicans support it—most probably don't, just like Americans. But there's not much organized resistance. People are frightened in Mexico too. They don't want to be called "homophobic".

Which, if you think about it, is remarkably analogous to how critics of immigration have been delegitimized. If you want to reduce legal immigration, or even to control illegal immigration, you expect to be called a "xenophobe", a "nativist", and a "racist". It's debate-stopping and career-killing, and intended to be.

Yes, I know has gay readers. There are American immigration patriots who support "gay marriage". And there are Open Borders promoters who oppose "gay marriage".

Mostly though, in the political world of today's America, the forces pushing the radical gay agenda are more likely to be allied with those supporting Open Borders. Look no further than the Democratic Party for that.

For other examples, see the website ("a multicultural, migrant youth-led, social media hub for the movement to pass the DREAM Act and pursue the enactment of other forms of legislation that aim to mend the broken immigration system"), where you can find posts such as "My Name is Felipe and I'm Undocumented and Queer" and "If you are Gay and Undocumented you are NOT Alone"

Or consider the blog ("Queer Fiji-Indian (South Asian) law student, writer, tech-geek, and riot maker… Articulating ways to live freely in the American Gulag") which declares that "Gays and Undocumented Immigrants—Nativists and Homophobes [Are] Two Sides of the Same Coin".

The forces promoting "gay marriage", mass immigration and multiculturalism are united in their attitude to traditional American society: they don't like it. They want to replace it with something else.

And if you stand in their way, they call you a "homophobe" or a "xenophobe" and try to silence you.

Seriously—is any compromise possible with these people?

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) recently moved back to the U.S.A. after many years residing in Mexico. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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